Monday, 28 March 2011

My first Blog award :)

This week I was given the versatile blogger award by the lovely Lucy who writes the fantastic life thru lucylasticas lense blog! I was really touched to be given this award and think its a great way to share some love with your fellow bloggers as everyone who receives it gets to pass it on to 7 other bloggers (That haven't already received it) and make their day!!

Also as part of receiving this award I have to tell you 7 things about myself which you don't already know,this is the reason why I haven't posted this sooner as I'm sure that there isn't too much that I have kept to myself,even though my blog is only 2 months old!!!! 

Anyway this is what I came up with...

1. I run a cleaning business with my Mum,which gives me a bit of extra money.

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2.I have very tiny feet,a size 3/4! I fit in my 9 year old son's shoes!!

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3.While training to be a make-up artist during 'bald cap' week I rushed out to get a sandwich at lunchtime and ran into Paddy Mcguinness filming the 'Greggs' advert,he gave me a funny look and patted my bald head haha!! 

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4. I LOVE Guitar hero and am pretty good at it (except when i've had one too many drinks),I beat most of my boy friends except one (Martin) who is just a complete GH freak!!

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5.I'm a film geek! whenever I love a film, I have to watch all the extra's and find out every last little detail about it! My faves are the Twilight saga,Inception,Blow and anchorman I hate horror films though,they freak me out!

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6. I am a qualified beauty therapist. I got my NVQ 2 and trained in Clarins facial a few years ago, I worked in a salon for a while but preferred being on the reception desk to doing the treatments.
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7.I have been with my boyfriend Darren for nearly 11 years (since I was 16) we met on holiday in Newquay in 2000 when I was on my first girly holiday and he was on a stag do!

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The 7 Blogs that I nominate for The versatile blogger award are:

Tara and Jade at The style Rawr


Charlotte at Charlottes obsessions  

Nicoletta at Nicoletta's beauty space 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found some new blogs to follow!

I'd also like to mention and say a big thankyou to the lovely Ke at for nominating me for this award the day after Lucy did! 


  1. wow ... congratulations for you....keep it up...

  2. Eeeek - thanks lovely!! And super congrats to you too, you well deserve it :D xxx

  3. Thank you so much hun and congratulations xxx

  4. Aww your so welcome Jo and Jude I love both of your blogs! and you're both fab! xxx

    Thanks so much Sheril!! :) xxx

  5. aww thanks your to kind and congratulations xxx

    love your blog.


  6. No probs chick!! thankyou :) Love your's too xxx


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