Thursday, 17 March 2011

Clothes & jewellery Lust!

I have recently accumulated a number of discount codes for my number one online shop (actually number one shop ever!) ASOS mainly the £5 off a £20 spend ones through Diet Coke (another addiction of mine!) So I have been spending a lot of time over at shopping heaven buying various bits of Make-up 

What I got...
LORD&BERRY Liquid eyeliner pen which I really like,it makes applying a top line very easy, goes on very opaque in one quick sweep and the packaging is uber sleek! one small downside is that it does smudge on the outer corner of the eye if you tear up so no soppy films! But I will definitely be purchasing more products from this line in the near future. view the LORD&BERRY Collection here

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation- If you read this blog often or follow my tweets you will more than likely want to  tape up my typing fingers,Yes ok I Love this,in my opinion ITS.THE.BEST end of.. my review here

NARS Lip gloss in scandal-sadly the swatch on ASOS was not even close to what came in the post I was expecting a coral/pink colour but its more a cherry red...actually i did just check back and it is described as cherry red so thats my fault for not reading the description box eeek! Lesson learned but its a nice colour non the less. Scandal Lipgloss available here

What I'm Lusting after...

I'm really obsessing over this cheesecloth Bandeau Maxi dress it comes in 3 colours (Black,white and green) and I would love the black and white ones to see me through spring/summer..There are just so many ways to accessorise a dress like this and i'm loving that it's a petite maxi being a real life gnome at 5'2".
This dress is also available for normal sized people and in the maternity range 

I am undecided on this top it has been on ASOS for a while and I cant decide if I should purchase it or not,what do you guys think?

I didn't realise that my lust list was so dress orientated!! I must be even more excited for spring/summer than I thought. I do love simple designs though and this sundress is just perfect in my eyes. It also comes in Black and White and is a steal at £25!

These People tree Multicoloured hoop earrings are in my saved items along with the black Bandeau dress,ready to be shipped to my ears!! I think they are so pretty and will add a fab injection of colour to any plain outfit!

the same goes for these People tree bangles...

Sooo cute!

And finally...
I'm not normally a fan of Gold Jewellery,I don't think I would ever buy a piece of really expensive gold but I fell for this ring in a big way! The intricate design and peach coloured stone really sell it too me its just stunning!

Anyway I'm feeling like this is one of those overly self indulgent posts,please note I haven't bought these items (yet) I will be making sure to drink plenty of diet Coke to get the discount codes so that I can justify spending the money,in fact i have one in hand as we speak!! wouldn't it be great if we could just add them all up then spend the total 
*wide eyes and a big stupid grin*

ooh also I am in no way affiliated with ASOS it's just a huge love of mine :)

Do you have any of the items on my Lust list?
What have you got on your on your spring/summer Lust list?


  1. I know i cant wait for payday! :) xxx

  2. How strange - I have also been wondering about the same top! My only concern is that it may make me look FAT lol but it does look really nice on the model, however she is a skinny size 8! Il buy if you do :) xxx

  3. haha that is strange! as if you would look fat!! never.gonna.happen!!! It does look great on the model but the more i look at it I think my boobs might be too big for it and look silly :/ I will let u know if it makes it to the checkout :) xxx

  4. Every dress looks fabolous. I think those fancy, unique and beautiful jeweleries are perfect for those dress.


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