Monday, 7 March 2011

Happy Monday Blog Love...pt2

Hey Girls and Boys

Time for the second 'Happy Monday Blog Love'...(still as catchy as ever eh?)

So these are the Blogs I have been reading and loving this week...

JP BRANDANO: Florida wedding photographer

A fab Blog,by a fab photographer! Jim shares his Photographs here, from the Beautiful weddings,to the stunning landscapes and beaches,packed with a healthy dose of wit and humorous hints and tips on how to take your own awesome snaps!

My favourite piece of advice: If your camera is in your closet all the time, the chances of you getting even a good shot decreases dramatically.

Jim also enjoys reading the odd beauty blog! SHHH ;)

I would describe this blog as a lifestyle/self help blog,Beautifully written by Pandora and featuring some amazing blogging tips,health and lifestyle advice,inspirational quotes and so much more!! It is such an informative, interesting Blog that I havent actually had time to read all of the articles that i have bookmarked
 (And there are a fair few of them!!)

'A blog about Life,music,food and beauty.'
Caz's blog first caught my eye when she wrote a post on how she wanted expand the content of her blog and focus on lifestyle posts a little more. It was a very detailed,written from the heart post which must have taken alot of courage to publish. 
It could have been taken the wrong way by beauty bloggers who might have felt that Caz was calling them shallow and self absorbed for being so obsessed by all things cosmetic.
Luckily us Beauty bloggers have brains and were able to see that Caz was not saying this at all,and simply wished to write about more than just beauty topics.Again props to Caz for having the courage to write that post and for having a really lovely new blog that she obviously enjoys writing
 (and i enjoy reading)

I am loving this blog this week!!! Vivianna is a lipstick addicted lady who is currently on a self imposed make-up ban,and doing the admirable 'project 10 pan' For those of you who have never heard of this,Project 10 pan is basically a make-up diet for cosmetic obsessed ladies.The aim is to use 10 products until you 'hit pan' on them (a highly challenging task when using products such as blusher)
Good luck Vivianna!
Vivianna also does some brilliant and highly informative you tube videos.

Written by 19 year old Hannah...Law student and shopaholic!!! I love this Blog so much!
Hannah has a lovely way of sharing her hauls and tips which makes you feel like she is one of your mates and she is tipping up the shopping bags up to show you what she has been buying in front of 
I LOVE anyone who enables me to go shopping and Hannah does that perfectly!!

Also congratulations on reaching 100 followers!!!!

I really hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

What Blogs are you Loving lately???


  1. Than You Natalie I really do appreciate your very kind comments. I only read fashion blogs for the images lol. I like the image with the ice wish I had taken it ( I will someday in the future lol)
    Again thank you and keep bringing the energy to your blog!!

  2. You are so welcome! I love your work but I think you know that now hehe!
    Thanks I will try to bring some energy,although feeling the monday blues today,boooo @ monday! :P xxx

  3. Omg thank you ever so much for that lovely review.. It means sooo much :o) Happy to see you have 101 followers now, we're even :o) Thanks again! :o) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. aww your welcome chick :) haha gonna have to be gettin the 100 follower giveaways together now :D xxx

  5. Wow thanks for the mention hun! And your well wishes for my Project 10 Pan :) xx

  6. Hey hunni, No problem at all :) I'm loving your blog and yt vids.
    Massive respect for doing 10 pan I keep on trying to talk myself into it,but then realising just how flaky a person I am when I reach for either a different blush,mascara or eyeliner every day!!!! :)
    Love Nat xxx


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