Friday, 10 June 2011

Benefit freebies

It feels like such a long time since I wrote my last blog post! The truth is I haven't been feeling overly inspired lately, that plus the school holidays, a bit of decorating and barely any shopping at all (aside from a cheeky Urban decay NAKED palette which I will do a post on as its amazing! :) ) has left me a little lacking in anything worth writing about, and I don't want to bore you all so I thought it best to keep schtum! ;)
But today after what feels like an age since reading about it on Fee's blog  I got my hands on 3 copies of this months Glamour magazine which nabbed me a posie tint, a benetint, and a high beam from benefit cosmetics (each 4ml) collectively worth £28, which as always with these high end Glamour freebies makes it so worth buying as many £2 copies as you like. Strangely as these are 3 of benefit's best sellers, I have never owned any of them, in fact the only one that has ever slightly intrigued me was high beam as I really love a good highlighter! I'm not much of a lip and cheek stain type of girl but I wont turn my nose up at a freebie and am rather looking forward to testing them all out!
benetint-Rose tinted lip and cheek stain 

posietint-poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain (Id say it was a bubblegum pink colour though)
This was more difficult to remove than the benetint which surprised me!

high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
The swatches are making it look quite likely that I will have to attack all the newsagents within a ten mile radius especially for copies with posietint and high beam attached!!

Will you be stocking up on Glamour this month and which freebies will you go for?


  1. Ooh, I wasn't aware of these! I'm so going out to pick up the mags now!

  2. I think it only came out today :) xxx

  3. I had to bully the girl it GT News in Bakewell to go dig me one of each out of the back haha. Same as you i think the High Beam and the PosieTint will get the most use. xoxo

  4. god i need one of these, ive been hitting up news-agents for ages now, but all the glamours are gone!!! I blame living near fashion students...
    lucky girl for getting your mits on these!! xxxx

  5. haha poor girl! I bet she was stashing them for herself ;) xxx

  6. @dibdabs im sure it only came out today chick..have another look :) xxx

  7. I got benetint and high beam. Posie tint was sold out:)

  8. How I wish we had fun freebies with magazines over here in the States.

    I like all these three, especially Benetint!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. @beautyshades at least you got 2 out of 3 :) I reckon you will find a posie tint somewhere else xxx

    @Marie Im really surprised that the states mags dont offer similar freebies I would have thought you guys would have got even better ones than us.Boo! :( Yeah I like them aswell so far but I havent tested out benetint yet xxx

  10. Aw how awesome would this be!!! I LOVE high beam I think it's great! Enjoy them :)

  11. can somebody tell me wher i can buy the magazine from without subsrcibing in the uk? thnks


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