Tuesday, 24 May 2011

TAG:The A-Z of me

I was over at the amazing Louise's blog which is sprinkle of glitter <<< go check it out if you haven't already,ooh and definitely subscribe to her You Tube channel, she will cheer you up no end, I promise ya! Anyhoooo I noticed this fun looking tag and thought I would post it over here (with my own answers of course) 

Age- 26 and still getting asked for ID, I have been asked for the most stupidest things....Deodrant?? False nails?? and a Superdrug card the other week! The world is beyond mental!

Bed size- King sized and super cozy!!

Dogs- Pug (really greedy!) and Lhasa apso's (really naughty!)

Essential start of your day-At least 2 cups of tea (The big Disney shop mugs count as 2!)

Favourite colour-Blue/green

Gold or Silver- Silver 

Height- 5'2" which is simply too short!! grr!!

Instruments I play- I used to play the violin,but found waving the bow around like a sword much more entertaining!

Job title-Make-up artist 

Kids- Ben <3

Live- Derbyshire, and what a happening place it is be sure to put it on your bucket list! *ahem*

Mum's name-Amanda 

Nickname-Nat-nat, Toots, Jug ears (thanks Dad!)

Pet Peeve- People with no manners, people who eat like pigs! bleeurggh! Is there any neeeeed?

Quote from a movie-"You better Hold on tight spider monkey" Or anything Edward says in Twilight 

Right or Left handed- Right

Siblings- No its all about me ;) 

Time you wake up- 7:30am weekdays around 9am at the weekend

Underwear- is all from Primark and 90% of it has holes in it! shhhheeexxxaaay!

Vegetables you dislike- carrots (i like them raw though) sweetcorn, turnip, swede "p

What makes you run late- My boyfriend,he is always, always late and it drives me mental!

X-rays you have had done- None that spring to mind

Yummy food you make- I make a mean phone call to the pizza delivery man (I cant cook :(( )

Zoo animal- Penguin! 

I tag everyone to do this post! Let me know if you do it :)


  1. "I make a mean phone call to the pizza delivery man" <-- this made me laugh. I can't cook either! The boy does all the cooking. But I don't even like calling for take-out - I don't like talking to strangers, haha, it makes me nervous.

  2. 9am @ the weekend Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Smniffff ;)

  3. Wait, wait..you were carded for deodorant?! That's hilarious!

  4. @Larie hehe yeah I know what you mean about not wanting to call up,the guys at the pizza place we order from don't speak English brilliantly so me and my boyfriend argue over who does it :) xxx

    @anonymous or DAD!! yes 9am is correct :p smnifff!! xxx

    @Susie yeah! Crazy or what haha!! :)) xxx


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