Saturday, 14 May 2011

Barry M: Perfect tan, gradual self tan mousse and weirdness

I have just come home from a mini superdrug trip where I picked up this which is new from Barry M. I am so excited to try this out tonight mainly because of the promo image for it...

Could it possibly deliver those legs aswell??
I just think that if this actually delivers that colour, then it's going to be my new HG tanner without a doubt! And for £6.99 even if it doesn't then it wont be a massive disappointment. 

So I am going to apply this tonight after a good old scrub in the shower, and more than likely post the results in video form tomorrow afternoon.

2 funny things that happened in Superdrug

My boyfriend was so intrigued by the Barry M touch of magic lipstick that he tried it on his lips!!
 (he was very impressed, am I going out with a closet tranny? help!)

The SA wasnt going to give me a Superdrug loyalty card because she thought I was underage!! (Im 26!)

What do you think to Barry M's new tanners
has anyone tried it yet? let me knooow please.


  1. Ooh I never knew they were selling this in the shops! I might have to have a little ganders :) x

  2. yeah I think they came out a few weeks ago but I only saw them in my local superdrug this week. But yeah check them out the mousse is lovely. Im going to do a video review on it tomorrow :) xxx

  3. I am kind of afraid of self-tanners, stemming back from the time I borrowed my mom's in middle school, didn't know you had to apply it evenly and then spend a subsequent week walking around school, mortified with "I love Adam" tattooed in tanner on my legs, haha! Interested in hearing how it comes out though!

  4. I did not try or see it yet:)

  5. hi :) i'm so glad you done a video on this i've been looking everywear! haha x)
    could you please post photos of how it looks on your skin please ? :)x

  6. @beautyshades Its definitely worth having a look next time you're in Superdrug :)

    @Harley Glad I helped you chick! There are a couple of pictures of it on my skin at the end of the video. :)


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