Thursday, 19 May 2011

MUA's sleek new products

The Superdrug in my local town is having a bit of an overhaul ready to squeeze in a perfume shop concession.I took this as an excuse to go in for a nose, ignoring my boyfriend's protests as it had only been a week since I dragged him in with me and "what could possibly be different?" Well actually there was a brand new shiny make-up counter so neeeeeerrrr! ;p 
Obviously from the title of this post I'm sure you have guessed that the brand new shiny make-up counter was an MUA one, a counter which I don't always stop at but today it really caught my attention.The single eye shadows have been replaced with palettes, they now also have a line of foundations and a couple of funky looking mosaic bronze and blushers. The counter wasn't fully stocked up but I picked up a few bits and pieces...
Please excuse the dodgy photo,I was rushing as my camera battery was dying!
The only minor downside with the new MUA products is that no longer is everything only £1, the prices are a little higher, only by a small amount and the quality of the products (from what I can see so far) totally justify the little hike in price.
The Dusk til Dawn palette-£4.00
(It shall be known as the George Clooney palette :))


Called the dusk til dawn palette as the 12 colours included are colours that you can use to "transform your look from day to night."As soon as I swatched these colours I was impressed, the colours are all very well pigmented, are velvety soft in texture and glide on super smoothly.So far I haven't tested these out on the eye area but I'm pretty sure they will be really easy to apply and blend.There are also around 5 other palette's to choose from in the new MUA range.
Trio eyeshadow-innocence-£2.50
Another new addition to the range are the eyeshadow trio's which include a highlight, a base shade and a contour colour.Also well pigmented but a little less smooth in consistency than the palette colours.

3 in 1 extreme contour Eye pen £1.50
To be honest I wasn't completely sure what to expect upon opening this, after reading the blurb on the back of the box I was a little unsure...
I have never seen another product like this. Is it just me? Anyway what it basically is,is a super soft angled eyeliner which you can use to create various effects with by using the different areas of the pen, for example the tip gives you a fine line, the edge gives you a thicker line, and by turning the edge on its side you can create an ultra thick line.

So far from what I can see its pretty fantastic and glides on like an absolute dream! I cant wait to test it out fully! I just wish the Black had been on the shelf!! 

What are your thoughts on MUA?
Will you be picking anything up from the new range?


  1. Oooh lile the look of the eye pencil and the shadows look really pigmented from the swatches i will be checking these out thanks xx

  2. oo liking the look of the shadow palette and I just so happen to be going to Superdrug tomorrow..............

  3. Wow! I need to get myself some of these!!! Great post - I'll be checking out Superdrug at the weekend x

  4. these look amazing! I was in superdrug today and completely ignored the MUA stand, damnnn! xx

  5. Wow I need that palette in my life! X

  6. Thanks for your comments girlies! The new stuff is def worth checking out!! Let me know what you get :) xxx

  7. This is the first post I've seen about these so thanks! Will have to check this out tomorrow along with the NYC blue glitter nail polish you had the other day lol x

  8. @LauraSummer YW hun! oooh im such an enabler hehe :) xxx

  9. Oh !!!!i have to get that palette. if mua starts to do more palettes they will be a good competition for sleek:0)

  10. I need to get me some proper palettes.. i like the look of ELF's new ones too.

    I have to just ask.... How do you take such good photos (i know you said these aren't as good). I'm getting better but i just can't get mine to look this good :( xoxo

  11. @Beautyshades there are around 6 of the MUA palettes so sleek already have a bit of competition goin on there now :) xxx

    @lisa I havent been on the elf site but these palettes are suprisingly good actually :)
    Eeek thanks! erm Im not to good with photo's my camera has an intelligent button which adjusts the light etc..erm I edit a bit with picasa and use the macro setting for close ups hope that helps "/ xxx

  12. I found the close up setting for mine the other day... just gonna have to photoshop my ass off aren't i haha... Cheers honey xoxo


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