Monday, 16 May 2011

What's in my Make-up bag(s) video

I know Im like some crazed video making freak this week! Mainly because they make me slightly out of my comfort zone and I am trying to overcome this by forcing myself to make as many as I can and just getting over it! I do find watching myself back really cringey so have kept the editing to a minimum and just thrown it out there into the big wide scary world of You tube and hope that you will all like it, even though it's a long one!
Well done if you made it to the end, and thanks so much for watching!! 


  1. Hm that Chanel compact sounds good! Is it quite often that high-end compacts let you just trade the inside, or are there other ones you know of? I hate throwing away nice packaging, so I'd love something like that!

    Great video love :)

  2. @Yu its really good! Im not too sure about If others do it as I dont usually buy compact foundations but its definitely a great idea and I love that it works out cheaper :) Thanks chick xxx


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