Thursday, 14 November 2013

To ombre or not to ombre that is the question (HELP!!)...

Above is the result of my battle with the bleach back in 2011 (full post here) I want to say when ombre hair was 'cool' but I actually have no idea if it ever went out of style, maybe overdone yeah but it's stuck around for much longer than I thought it would!

Anyway over the last few months a combination of keeping up with those bloody Kardashians and seeing Khloe's nailed on perfect ombre aswell as looking back (possibly with rose tinted specs on!) at these old pictures has given me the ombre itch so to speak.

The other day I decided to scratch the itch....

Before- "Off to pick up ma bleach"...

After- "Well umm!?"...

I picked up the L'oreal wild ombre kit in 01 for medium to dark brown hair which I had really high hopes would get me all Khloe-fied but as you can see after using it my hair has only lightened up ever so slightly.

I don't know much about the science of hair colour in fact I know nothing but I don't think that it's a fault with the product, I'm guessing it might have something to do with dyeing my hair black a few months ago, (which I didn't take into consideration beforehand) as I've seen reviews of this kit giving great results on other girls with my hair colour.

So what I was wondering was, if you guys could help me decide...should I pop out and pick up a bleach (There is a Jerome Russell one for dark hair that looks good!) been as I am kind of halfway through the process Or just forget the whole thing? Has Ombre had its day? Also any hairdressers that are reading this if you have any tips for me that would be really appreciated!


  1. I tried the loreal kit too and it didnt work but i loved the wee brush and I used it with the Clariol Born Blonde bleach kit and found it worked really well on my dyed black hair.

    1. It mustnt take on the black dye then :( I loved the brush aswell I've saved it in case I decide to reach for the bleach lol. Thanks chick! xxx


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