Thursday, 21 November 2013

All used up! Beauty products

I love reading empties posts, funny that considering I don't think I've ever done one here myself huh? I find them the most useful posts when it comes to deciding on products that I might be thinking of buying. Lets face it there are a lot of glowing product reviews out there of what people are loving right now, but an actual empty bottle, tube, container or whatever else we "hoard goo" in is always a good sign that a product has been really, truly well loved or at least given a thorough go through it's paces enough to say why it isn't worth bothering spending your money on.

Here I have a mixed bag of the two...

Sebastian potion 9
An all round leave in styling treatment that can be used to create texture in dry hair or soft movement when applied to damp hair. It's quite a hyped up product among hairdressers that I know, but one that I have never fallen in love with, it's just never really done anything noticeable for my hair.The one thing I do love about it is the smell, oh my God, you know when you have that "hairdressers" smell on your hair? That! But I would rather spend the 20 odd pounds getting a good blow dry to achieve that than buy this again.

Alien by Thierry Mugler.
I almost have no words. This perfume to me is perfection in a bottle and I don't just throw the word perfection out there willy nilly oh no! I have repurchased this twice a year (Or my Mum has kindly bought it for me!) since my very first magazine tester of it, which I remember vividly... Lunch break, Elle magazine, 2008...sad but true! It's has quite a heavy woody scent that would normally lead it to be considered night time fragrance but it also has a freshness to it which makes it so unusual and versatile, I wear it day and night and would bath in it if I was queen!

Dove Summer glow nourishing lotion medium/dark skin with soft shimmer particles.
I've always got an empty bottle of this lying around it's my go to tan.It's marketed as an everyday moisturiser with gradual tan but I find that just one application gives me the nicest most natural bronze colour which is noticeable within around 4 hours. On my skin the colour fades after 3 days so I find myself using this twice a week to maintain it.
This particular one with the shimmer particles I won't repurchase because it is just way OTT glittery and I really don't like to see obvious pieces of glitter on my skin. I've already been and repurchased the regular non shimmery one though.

Rimmel instant tan air brush effects-Medium matte.
This was the first instant wash off tan I've ever bought, Although I've heard good things about the Rimmel instant range, even my boyfriend had a bottle...(New years eve, dressed as a woman,what a card!) the thought of wash off tan has always filled me with fear...Spray and go...what if it rains? I just imagined myself walking into the pub looking like a piece of badly varnished wood. But I was curious....alongside the good reviews, the 24 hour streak free claim on the bottle settled my anxiety enough to buy it and I've found it to be great to have around for quick fix tan emergency's!

Beauty so clean conditioning brush cleanser.
The thought of brush cleaning actually made me yawn just now haha! I either use this or surgical spirit to clean my brushes I have surgical spirit in my kit for spot cleaning and I use this at home for general cleaning, either this or hand soap and water. I love it because it has a spray pump and contains alcohol the two combined magically speed up the whole tedious process.

Collection-lasting perfection concealer-Medium 3
There's not a lot to say about this,that hasn't already been said. It's the high street darling concealer! I love how it conceals all imperfections without that cakey chalky ugh that even some higher end concealers dish out and its less than a fiver! I've already got a couple of back ups.

NARS Sheer glow foundation-Fiji
Another bottle has bitten the dust! I think I might bore you if I write anything about this, I'll definitely bore myself! I've done a full review here and mentioned it so many times it's silly.<3.

Are any of these favourites of yours? Anything you've tried and wouldn't repurchase?
Let me know.

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