Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Home- Thrift shoppin'

What, what?? OK I'm sorry for being such a massive cheese ball but that had to be done! 
Something a bit different from beauty today, I hope you don't mind.It's still beautiful in it's own way because it's charitable and all! 

Thrift shopping or 'mooching around the charity shops' if you don't want to Americanise another term, is something I do on the days that I'm broke after my direct debits come out and need a shopping fix, today was one of those days.

If you are familiar with charity shops you will know that there is always a little tiny home ware section usually pushed towards the back of the shop, that at first glance looks like it houses all of your grandparents old junk but look closer and if you can be bothered to pick through the Barry Manilow memoribilia and hideous china dolls you can usually pick up some really cool/unique things to decorate your house.

Tea light holder- 50p Not the best example of a unique find as I just spotted an Ikea sticker underneath it, ha!-Currently burning Yankee Midsummers night. 

Blue glass jug £1- I like jugs I have no plans for this as yet, it'll probably end up housing a fake flower of some sort.

Glass tray 50p- I didn't even have to go and check the price because evidently I am the blogger equivalent of the girl who keeps the stickers on underneath her shoes!
The same glass tray- I haven't decided weather to keep Jewellery in it or soap type products...

Books- I bought these from a charity shop a while a go, they were either £1 or £2 each I tend to use nice books as decor, either on my dressing table or TV stand so I do judge them by there covers, naughty I know!

5 piece photo frame- £2.50 I have looked at getting these kind of distressed, held together with rope photo frames for my bathroom for a while now and never got around to actually buying one so I was super happy to find this one like brand new. I hammered it into the wall as soon as I got in using my trusty Allegra boot heel/girl hammer.
I just need to think of a theme for the photographs, or is it a new trend to have 5 pictures of a barbed wire fence? Let me know!
I'm pretty pleased with my little haul I spent £4.50 (not including the books) and still got the shopping buzz minus the buyers remorse!

Do you spend much time popping tags in charity shops?


  1. Wow you got some lovely things, charity shops are amazing - you can always find a nice bargain :) xx

  2. Thank you :) Yeah they're great I love a bargain! xxx


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