Saturday, 5 November 2011

Where the posts have no name...

Hello lovelies!
If you follow my blabbings on Twitter you are probably aware that I have been without my laptop for what feels like forever, in actual fact It's been less than two weeks, but if you have ever been through the trauma of a laptop breakdown and are a geek super cool person like me you will feel my pain.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I am typing this on said broken laptop but it, in the words of my boyfriends cousin (who is a genius laptop repairman) is fucked! It wont stay turned on for longer than half and hour without getting more overheated than Peter Stringfellows loins! Did that only sound funny in my head?

Sorry, I couldnt help it!
Image (just in case you want it for yourself) from

Luckily it's only 8 months old and still under warranty...unluckily I can't find my reciept, so Im in for an afternoon of drawer surfing woo hoo! I just wanted to tap up a quick post because it's been over two weeks since anything was posted on here and I didn't want you to think that I had deserted my l'il blog :)

I'm sorry that this is a bit of a rambly, incohearent, nothing to do with beauty/make-up post but I made a quick video for my You tube channel and you will see why im tapping in a hurry :) ooooh and happy bonfire night everyone!

Have you got your sparklers ready kids?


  1. So nice to see an update :) I believe 'its fucked' is the technical term hehe. I hope you manage to find your receipt and fingers crossed it doesnt take too long to fix- can't wait for all the posts and vids to come! xxx

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  2. Aww thanks Rhi :) haha yeah luckily he speaks my language. Strangely enough it has stayed o all afternoon with no problems so fingers crossed I wont need to take it back :D Still hoping Santa is gonna have a Mac in his sack for me this year ;) xxx


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