Saturday, 26 November 2011

Video: Love Make-up Haul

Evening lovelies,
Just a quick post from me tonight as Im still slightly hungover from last night and have just stuffed myself with chicken tikka masala and cheese naan so Im feeling really lazy to the point where it's an effort to type right now, I'm sure you all know what I mean :) 

Anyway I made an order with Love Make-up on Wednesday night and it arrived yesterday which I was chuffed to bits about! I do love me some speedy service!! I ordered some things that I had wanted for a really long time and things that I am really excited to finally have in my collection. I will make sure to pop up some reviews so if there is any particular product you would like to hear my thoughts on just let me know and I will get that done :) Righty Im off to watch Xfactor and snuggle on the sofa I may or may not have a giant bag of M&M peanuts aswell ;)... Have a lovely night all xxx

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