Sunday, 27 November 2011

Face of the day: Impassioned for Sunday shopping

Phew that was a mouthful of a title wasn't it? I'm not gonna lie to you I had to google the word 'impassioned' just to check that I was using it in the right context. I wonder if Corrie would like to give me her blog name (Dizzy brunette) ;) 

As you may have noticed I don't often do FOTD post's mainly because I can never take a decent photo of myself (woe is me) but today I persevered with it just so I could show you my new foundation and unusually bright lips, luckily I had a good 20 minutes of posing time while my boyfriend was driving us to town.
What I wore...
Jemma Kidd Light as air foundation (shade 03)
Laura Mercier universal setting powder
Sleek contour kit bronzer (light)
MAC Mineralize skin finish (soft and gentle)

Urban Decay naked palette shades Half baked, Dark horse and sin.
Bourjois volumizer mascara (only step one)
Maybelline gel eyeliner
Vivo cosmetics eyebrow kit to fill brows

MAC Impassioned lipstick
Barry M lipgloss (which has no number but it's the baby pink one)

Blogging has taught me so many things and today's lesson was that taking photo's of yourself in a car doing 50mph on bendy, uneven country lanes is not the best idea, never have I been so pleased to get stuck behind a tractor doing 3mph in my life!

This lipstick is the reason I wanted to post a FOTD today, it is perhaps the most beautiful colour lipstick that I have ever seen in my life. Admittedly in the many months I have owned it, I haven't given it nearly the attention that it deserves and bypassed it 99.9% of the time in favour of some nude or pale pink.Wuss.
Yes this is bright but with a more natural face and subtle eye it work's so well and I didn't feel at all conspicuous mooching around the shops this afternoon.In fact it made me feel pretty good :)
I added the Barry M lipgloss as my lips are suffering with the change in seasons and Impassioned is not the most forgiving shade on dry lips.

I had to pop into town today to take back a top from Topshop that made me look like a brick. I'm not good at taking things back, I have to have something else and it's usually something more expensive...

Rhinestone Earth burnout Tunic Tee £24 Topshop
I was instantly drawn to this tunic t-shirt, charcoal grey is one of my favourite colour's to wear and the beautiful rhinestone detailed motif just sealed the deal, I cant wait to wear it with my black skinny jeans and (beloved) Allegra boots, which by the way were sold out today in my local Topshop so I'm really chuffed that I picked them up when I did! I just re-read that and it was perhaps a tad dramatic kind of like I'm thinking I got the last pair on Earth or something..Oh dear!  
I also picked up this cute little string bracelet with a wishbone charm for £2 which goes to the Centrepoint charity for homeless youngsters. 

Next stop Primark...
Grey pleated skirt £10.00 Primark
As soon as I spotted this skirt I was all over it. It's Grey, It's pleated and its only jolly well wooly!! Admittedly in this picture it looks like it hangs a bit funny and I can't tell you otherwise as of yet having not tried it on, but Im keeping my fingers firmly crossed because the concept is just wonderful!!

Black/Gold belt £2.50 Primark

D'ya know I think that a belt is possibly the most boring thing to photograph, apologies if this picture bores you, I debated not putting it in but what the hey it's the weekend let's go wild! 
I have been loving Black and Gold accessories lately and the Gold chain detail just made this belt stand out for me as something a little different and so into the basket it went.

So that was my Sunday, ooh I also popped in to see my Nan as it's her birthday today I bought her a Cliff Richard book and this shopping bag as she's a huge TOWIE fan lolzzz...

Her reaction was "oh my God, Im going shopping on Tuesday I can't wait to take this out!" 
Not your average Nan I tell you! ;)

Wow it's Xfactor time that has come around quick, I can't wait to see Jessie J!
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend


  1. Impassioned looks lovely on you, and that topshop tunic tee sounds like a bargain! X

  2. I really wish I could get impassioned to work for me. I bought it a few months ago and have tried to wear it a few times, but it looks dreadful on me! Looks fab on you x

  3. I have a skirt VERY similar to that that i got when i was living in Tenerife a couple of years ago. I went mad for it for the very same reasons you did. Grey AND Woolly.
    Don't think i rocked Impassioned when you put it on me for BeneFit. Shame lol xxx

  4. u r stunning! u look so much like Selena Gomez !!

  5. @LauraSummer Aww thanks hun. Yeah definitely a bargain for Topshop I was expecting to flip the tag and see £38 or something silly lol :)

    @Georgia I was the same with it , everytime I wore it I didnt like it but I think wearing a lipgloss and keeping everything else more natural helped it work.:)

    @Lisa Mazin innit!! Grey AND Wooly yup yup!! lol ;) We'll have to try it again chick

    @Hanushka Wow you don't know how much you have brightened up my Monday morning with your comment Thank you so much!! :)


  6. That lipstick colour is absolutely incredible, and how flawless does your skin look! No wonder everyone raves about this foundation- what kind of finish does it give, dewy or matte? I have super oily skin and just not sure this would work for me.

    I cant get over that lip colour though! WOWZERS!!

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  7. I had to google Selena Gomez I thought someone had likened you to one of the Adams Family ;) xx

  8. @Rhi Its so pretty I love it sometimes I just sit and swatch it to look at it's beauty lol Aww thank you it's a really runny consistency but gives a semi matte finish Im going to do a review on it soon but I dont feel like Ive used it for long enough just yet xxx

    @Anonymous LOL I think you were thinking of Gomez Addams tbh the tache is nearly there hehe


  9. I love a bright lip! Quite tempted to try this out myself but I worry that shades like that would make me look like a barbie with my blonde hair. =/

    Also, you new foundation - heard soooo many good things about this, is it awesome?? Your skin looks great. ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  10. @Lauren haha I would love to look like a Barbie lol Yes the foundation is pretty awesome I was unsure at first though but Im going to be popping up a review next week :) xxx

  11. Gorgeous! You've inspired me to try be brave and wear my impassioned during the day, whacking some gloss on is a great idea. I always hide my bright lipsticks away till nights out. Skin looks amazing, keep hearing so many good things about JK! xx

  12. The photos are very lovely and admirable. Your blog is super pretty with attractive posts. I wish you the best of luck and I want your blog to shine forever and may you live longest more than 100 years.


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