Monday, 21 November 2011

Quick and easy EOTD...Xmas party?

Evening lovelies :)
I hope you are all good! 
This post is the second that I have written tonight, I just stupidly wrote out a whole post on a Jayne Eyre costume exhibition that I went to see a few weeks ago, then when I went to edit my pictures realised that I had accidently deleted them off my camera, so I guess that's a valuable blogging lesson learned today!!  Haha ooh well! Luckily I had a few pictures on there that I had taken of an eye look I did based on a picture of Jessica Alba that my friend Rhiannon sent me last week and had asked me to do a video on the look for her.

 I wasn't going to post these because I don't feel like I got the Jessica Alba look quite right (Im a sucker for perfection) but I do think it's a pretty look for the festive season and I am feeling sooo in the festive spirit at the moment I thought it would be nice to glitterize the blog to match my mood :) ...

Products used
benefit lemon aid eye primer all over the lid
MAC bronze eye shadow (on a MAC 217 brush) blended all over the lid
Urban Decay Half baked eye shadow (on a MAC 239 brush) on lower lid up to crease
MAC solar bits pigment (on a MAC 239 brush) patted randomly on top of the bronze and half baked  
MAC bronze (on a MAC 219 brush) on inner corner of lower lashline
Urban Decay Half baked eye shadow (on same 219 brush) on outer 2/3 of lower lashline 
Collection 2000 intense colour black kohl on top and bottom waterline and smudged slightly under lower lashes
Lashes- Eyelure 107's

For some reason I didn't line the upper lash line to disguise the lash band (or trim the end of the lashes. Rookie. lol!), I think I was rushing out of the door, but you would want to do this with these particular lashes as the band is quite noticeable. 
I hope you like it :) 

Anyhooch I have a bubble bath waiting for me which I can't wait to get into as I've felt quite poorly today so hopefully it should sort me out, then I plan on settling down to watch the rest of True blood series 1 with the boyf under a blanket with a big bar of nestle crunch! Oh and there is also a new Yankee candle burning away (vanilla frosting!!) 
 I do <3 cozy winter nights ;) 



  1. Lovely look! I hope you feel better soon x

  2. sleek understated elegance, love it. xx

  3. @Leah Aww Thank you hunni :)

    @Liloo Thank you Liloo :)


  4. So pretty I wish I was as good as you!!

    I'm your latest follower can't wait for more

    xo Kara
    (in case you want to follow back :D)

  5. @KARA aww that's so nice of you thank you :) And thank you for following chick xxx

  6. very pretty...especially love the lower lashline color and the lashes

  7. @Socialitedreams Thank you lovely :) xxx

  8. That make up is gorgeous, and I love yankee candles.. I agree cosy nights are the best x


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