Tuesday, 29 November 2011

That's what make's you beautiful...

...Well not quite, but some of you may know that I have developed a gargantuan minor obsession with uber cuties One direction of late, cute post title, Cute boys mmm...oh right Im blogging here!

Shall we move on? Yes! OK then...

This post is dedicated to three products that have been making my face presentable on those rushed mornings when there just isn't the time to apply a full face of Make-up (because I snoozed my alarm 4 times) but the thought of going out into the world with bare naked skin sends shudders down my spine, you know the days?

The little treasures of which I speak are, In order of  dozy morning application, Bourjois Delice de Soleil, Origins VitaZing energy boosting moisturiser, and MAC mineralize skin finish in medium plus.

Bourjois delice de soleil
 This is basically a spray tan, it can be used on the face and body for instant colour that last's all day and washes off. I usually apply this on my face in the morning after cleansing and rub over it with a self tanning mitt, the bottle states that there is no need to rub this in but I feel it best to make sure its evenly blended all over and down onto my neck and chest. I love this for evening out my skin on the days when my actual self tanner has worn off my face but not my body, I can see myself repurchasing this forever.

Origins VitaZing energy boosting moisturiser
It's not too often that I fall for a product upon first use and I never thought a tinted moisturiser could ever have this effect on me, but there is something about this that blows all others that I have tried out of the water! I think what is so special about the VitaZing is that it is one of the few products on the cosmetics market that actually does what it says on the tin. I have generally being applying this over the bourjois spray on said lazy mornings (it works just as well without though) it completely evens out my skin tone and leaves it looking much more alive and fresh. If I am in a huge rush this is the product out of the three mentioned that I will reach for.

MAC Mineralise skin finish natural (medium plus)
I think this is the perfect powder for setting tinted moisturiser. I apply it over the Origins Vitazing using a MAC 150 large powder brush. I love it because it doesn't take away from the fresh look that the vitaZing adds to the skin, it gives colour to the face and manages to keep skin looking natural and not too 'done'

Lipstick optional and usually applied whilst cramming a slice of toast in on the way out of the door. 

Do you use any of these products? 
And who's gonna fess up to a One Direction crush!?



  1. Everyone raves about the MSF but i'm so stuck in my ways with my maybelline dream matte! Maybe I should splash out...

  2. I think vitazing will always grab my attention but I feel its a bit pink so I always wanted to try Outsmart from Origins! Can't say I'm with you on one direction though they do my nut in :P

  3. @Abby ooh I haven't tried the maybelline one but I hear it's really good. Yeah splash out chick, it's nearly christmas ;)

    @Yu I wanted it for ages, I find it's more of a neutral tone that leans ever so slightly pink, I cant wear pink tones at all but this seems to just adapt to my skin and leave a dewy glow. I haven't seen the outsmart one, Im gonna have to look now aren't I? Damn youuu lol :)


  4. i am guilty of liking one direction! Been looking into buying the mac MSF, think i'm going to go for it! xx

  5. haha phew :) Ooh lovely! Let me know how you get on with it chick xxx

  6. I love my mineralize skinfinish, it really is the perfect powder :) xx

  7. The Bourjois spray tan looks so cool, definitely the kind of thing I am after! xx

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