Monday, 7 November 2011

October 2011 Favourites

Hey chicks,
OK so my laptop appears to have miraculously cured itself and 24 hours has gone by without it overheating once so I am feeling confident enough now to sit and write up my October favourites without flapping that it's going to blow up in my face.Yay! Anyway enough of the "woe is me, my laptop broke" snoozefest, I promise there will be no more! It's all make-up and beauty from here on in girls and boys...Good times :) 

On to the good stuff... 


Vivo cosmetics lipstick shade 8 'barely there'
This has been my go to nude lipstick throughout October. It reminds me of one of my favourite ever nudes which is Hue from MAC but at £1.99 is a lot more purse friendly.It has a gorgeous creamy finish with a slight glossy sheen, feels really moisturising on the lips, and the smell! Oh my Gawwd! If you love creamy  vanilla/coconut smells then you need this lipstick in your life.

17 Supreme shine lipstick in Pink Posey
I picked this lipstick up before a shoot that I did last week (I know I'm cheating the favourites system here ;)), the photographer wanted natural make-up with a bright lip and none of the lipsticks I owned were what I had in mind for the look. I wanted a dramatic bright purple but this was the closest thing I could get from my local (miniature) Boots...Anyhoo...I wasn't expecting too much from pink posy in the way of lasting power as 'supreme shine' to me suggests that it  would be one of those lipsticks that slides off the lips within 20 minutes but no, I was proved wrong when it stayed put throughout the shoot and beyond, which all in all was about 2 and a half hours, so even though it is technically a November fave I really wanted to share it as I'm so impressed and I'm loving the colour for Autumn/Winter.

NARS Sheer glow foundation
I have had my fickle pants on this month when it comes to foundations but for the last couple of weeks I have been religiously using an old (once hailed Holy Grail) favourite.NARS Sheer glow. The shade that I have is Deauville which is my perfect match when I have absolutely no colour/fake tan which at the moment I don't (think Morticia Addams or Fester :o) I have been applying this with a damp beauty blender sponge and loving the beautiful airbrushed looking finish that this gives so much more than when I apply with my MAC 190 foundation brush.

Laura Mercier universal invisible loose setting powder
I love this powder!
 I'm not really a powder girl, as my skin leans to the dry side it's a step that I often forget in my make-up routine.This month though I have used this powder to set my foundation most days.I love how it just does what it say's on the tin, it set's the foundation, and is invisible, simple :)  

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer
I have been loving using this concealer in two shades this month firstly I like to used medium 3 (which is a peachy tone) underneath my eyes to correct any dark shadows and light 2 to brighten the area and give me a much needed hand to look more awake and alert.

Collection 2000 intense colour supersoft kohl pencil
I picked up this eye kohl when there was a 3 for 2 on Collection 2000 eye products in Boots about a week or so ago, along with one of the above mentioned concealers and the new Pump up the volume mascara . I didn't really expect to love it as much as I do but I have been seriously impressed! It is a really soft well pigmented kohl which stays put in the waterline all day long, even on my eyes which have a tendency to run like a tap, especially at this time of the year.Big thumbs up to Collection 2000 this month!!

Hair Products

L-R- Head and shoulders citrus fresh shampoo
John Frieda Frizz ease 3 days straight
VO5 Gloss me smoothly conditioner
Front- Amargan hair therapy oil

This month I have been making a much bigger effort than I normally do to get my hair in good condition. I have a lot of fine hair with a natural wave to it and find that within about half an hour of being out of the house,  it feels tangly and develops annoying kinks.All I want is for it to look sleek, shiny and bouncy, and to be able to run my fingers through it without giving myself whiplash.

So this month I took a little inspiration from the beautiful Anna and Barbara's haircare video's and picked up the Head and shoulders citrus fresh shampoo and the V05 Gloss me smoothly conditioner (for frizzy hair) and I have really noticed the difference in my hair since I have been using them, the Head and shoulders really makes my hair feel ultra clean and my hair feels really silky soft as soon as I rinse the V05 conditioner out in the shower.My hair has definitely been alot sleeker and shinier thanks to these products.

The other hair products that I have been loving are the Amargan hair therapy oil which I picked up at a beauty supplies store. It is some sort of Argan oil (?) You just apply a small amount through damp hair and it cuts the hair drying process by up to 50% I was massively sceptical about this at first but it really works. Without this my hair takes around 15 minutes to blow dry but with it, it literally takes 5 minutes, I do love a time saving product! 
And lastly in my quest for super sleek hair I have been using the John Frieda frizz ease 3 days straight. I originally bought this to use in place of my GHD's which broke a little while ago...but I didn't read the instructions which clearly state that this is a product that is supposed to work along side hair straighteners DUH! Anyway it has helped my hair's kinky tendancies and does keep it straight for around 24hours which is fair enough. I'm sure it would work really well when used correctly ;) 

Book of the month
The secret by Rhonda Byrne

I always love when other bloggers include their favourite books in monthly favourites posts so I thought I would include mine as its a real cracker! It's kind of tricky to describe and I don't want to ruin it with some ditzy explanation, but if you enjoy philosophy books and you haven't read the secret I totally recommend checking it out as it is such a fascinating read and one that always makes me feel super positive and motivated.

Phew Im sure that has been my longest list of favourites to date! If you got to the end congrats! 

Lately it seems that at the beginning of every month I get something new, love it, then have to wait a whole month to add it into my favourites. It is now November the 7th and I already have things that are potentially faves for the end of the month (Origins Vitazing moisturiser, Oh M Gee I got it two days ago and it's already <3 )

October Favourites video

I hope everyone is having a lovely night, Im off too put the heating on because my toes feel like icicles right now brrrrr! :)



  1. I love The Secret am now reading the second one The Power I really should start positive thinking again x

  2. Great post hun! I love the smiley faces :) xoxo

  3. ooh i love the secret! i always pick that and the bible up when im having an awful day - i wanna get the workbooks for the secret

  4. @Natalie ooh I got that for my Mum I need to borrow it :)

    @Tiffeny haha thank you ;)

    @Erica It's a really good pick me up isn't it? I love it! :) Oh I will have a look for them I hadn't heard of them before Thank you


  5. pink posey is such a gorgeous color,i always wanted to try Nars sheer glow but too bad it is not available in my country:(

  6. Nice favorites post. Barely there looks lovely! Not sure if I can find Vivo cosmetics here in US.

  7. I'm looking forward to trying an argan oil treatment, my hair is always in need of a moisture boost!


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