Friday, 21 October 2011

F/EOTD: Diana Vickers Collection 2000 inspired Make-up

Hey Girls,
The other day I got the new issue of more magazine, not sure if 27 make's me too old for it but I still love it, in fact it's the only magazine that I buy on a regular basis, In my head I am totally still 18!

Anyway the reason I'm drivelling on about a magazine is that, while flicking through, not to giggle at Barbie and Ken doing position of the week,I might add ;) I noticed a rather bright advert for Collection 2000's new pump up the volume mascara featuring Diana Vickers (The new face of the brand) The make-up, I thought looked stunning and it was instantly something I wanted to recreate myself.

Image from
Another mascara ad with obvious falsies WHY?

No Lash inserts or dramatisations have been used in this photo ;p
Although it would look better with lashes lol

Sorry for the shoddy webcam picture, I find it so hard to take a decent picture of my face with my camera any tips would be hugely appreciated :D

I know that Yellow eye make-up is not everyone's cup of tea, and I never pick a yellow to wear on my eyes, although with this look I think the smokiness under the lower lashes and warm brown in the socket help to make it wearable. I honestly really loved wearing this look out last night, it was so nice for a change, and it's definitely something I will wear again with pleasure! 

Righty then, I'm off for homemade pizza at my Mum and Dad's house now, so naughty but so amazing! My mouth is actually watering at the thought of it! Also very excited that it's The Batchelor night tonight, any other Batchelor fans out there? Who do you think he will pick? I was thinking Layla but it's looking more and more like he will pick Carrie-Anne...urgh... me no likey xxx

In case you want to watch me waffle on while I Diana-fy
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. You are never 27! I honestly thought you were like 20 haha! I loved diana vickers but her add for very with that catsuit makes me cringeeee! MASSIVE congrats on the handpicked media community too :) xxx

  2. This look is absolutely gorgeous! Yellow is definitely not a colour I'd usually go anywhere near but this looks so subtle, different and sassy :) xxx

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  3. Love this look! Seriously can't believe your 27!! I've never seen anyone actually look good in yellow eyeshadow before - but it looks FAB on you & it suits Diana Vickers too xxx

  4. @Adrienne really? haha I thought you knew lol, I get that a lot though, think it's the chubby cheeks ;) Oh Ive not seen the very ad! Thanks chick xxx

    @Rhi Oh thanks a lot hunni!! :) xxx

    @Louise haha baby face lol! Thank you so much :D Yeah she looks fab in the ad! Love it xxx

  5. It looks great!

    I bloody HATE Carrie-Anne, she's a scheming cow and her voice grates on me. If he picks her I'm going to throw something heavy at the tv :)

  6. ok im going to jump on the-What your 27? NO WAY!- bandwagon.
    Also...this is so funny I was superdrug today pondering whether to try the eyeshadow work in that very diana vickers ad...this is clearly a sign and I will have to try it out first thing in the morning (well after my coffee...) Love Diana Vickers and her style....but the Very advert she is in soooo cringe worthy xxx

  7. you TOTALLY nailed it! great job :D

  8. @Plus-size shopaholic Thank you :) So do I! But Im sure he is going to pick her :( Silly boy lol xxx

    @DibDabs Hahaha that made me laugh!
    Oh yeah brilliant, Im sure you will love it! It is so nice for a change :) xxx

    Aw Thanks so much hunni :) xxx

  9. very sweet and cute girl :) love your beautiful eyes
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  10. @SadeeStyle Aww thanks so much :) xxx

  11. It's a real bug bear of mine that mascara adverts always have false eyelashes on, how are you supposed to make a decision when they're cheating!!! xxx

  12. Seriously considering buying this mascara! I really do like it!
    Thanks for this! :)

  13. @Funnylittlefrog Mine aswell! You would think that they know we have cottoned on to it by now ha xxx

    @Abbi From what reviews I have seen it seems like a pretty decent mascara xxx

  14. Love this look :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  15. @Christine thanks so much hunni :) xxx

  16. I am in love with your eyelashes! they look so voluminous and supple... i wish i had those lashes


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