Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Review: Liz Earle Sheer Skin tint

Hey lovelies,
This is a very long overdue review of the Liz Earle sheer skin tint, I really wanted to give this product a thorough road test before sharing my thoughts, and because I favour a medium coverage from a base on a day to day basis, I haven't always allowed myself to reach for this product, but better late than never eh? ;)

Generally I am not a fan of tinted moisturisers and haven't purchased one for myself in years, the reason for this is that if I do ever find myself wanting uber light coverage I will mix a light foundation into my moisturiser and save my money. However I do count the Liz Earle cleanse and polish as one of my holy grail items which truly worked wonders for my skin! So when I was given the opportunity to try the brand's first ever cosmetic product I was really excited to give it a go.

I really don't want to write a long winded review, as Liz Earle have done the PR rounds with this and there are a million and one reviews on it already, so I'll try and make it snappy...

When I initially applied it to the back of my hand I was pleasantly surprised by it's creamy texture, this fooled me into thinking that maybe it was going to blend off to a heavier than expected finish, but no, it does feel ultra rich on application but blends off to a barely there, dewy finish and leaves the skin feeling incredibly hydrated, and soft.

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Left (Skin tint applied to the back of my hand)
Top (Blended slightly)
Bottom (Blended out completely)
Shade range
Sheer skin tint comes in three shades
01 Bare (for very pale skin tones)
02 Beige (for medium skin tones)
03 Beach (for tanned/olive skin tones)

I (being naturally NC20-25) chose 02 Beige which LE claims will work well on most Caucasian skin tones, and I agree as it has no stand out undertone of pink or yellow, tone wise it strikes a fabulous balance between the two. However with a (fake) tan it becomes too pale for me and I would definitely need to go up a shade.
The three shades that are available seem to cover a very broad spectrum of skin tones, although I do think there should be a shade available for darker skin as the darkest one available would not work on black skin.

Price and availability
Liz Earle Sheer skin tint is priced at £21.00 for 40ml and is available online at Lizearle.com, John Lewis, or at one of the Liz Earle stores in the UK, Store Information can be found here.

The skin tint is a lovely, value for money product and demonstrates how good Liz Earle are at making great skincare.If you are a fan of tinted moisturisers then I would recommend this wholeheartedly, likewise if you are new to make-up and the idea of wearing foundation freaks you out. Personally I don't think I will ever be a skin tint/tinted moisturiser kind of girl, while I'm all for skin looking like skin, I need me some coverage.

*This product was provided by Liz Earle PR 

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