Sunday, 16 October 2011

Leeds shopping: MAC and Liz Earle

Hey Girls,
Yesterday my friend Lisa and I had tickets to the mind, body and beauty show in Leeds, we rocked up all giddy expecting to be attending a show along similar lines to Olympia or Professional very wrong we were....In reality it was a tiny room inside the Northern ballet building in which a few random local business' had set up display's of their offerings on paste tables, the majority were non beauty related. After fending of the dodgy watch salespeople, sampling (and pretending we loved while trying not to vom) some rank yet expensive skincare, escaping a lengthy lecture from the Church of England and an even lengthier Tai chi demonstration we did manage to get our eyebrows threaded and a shellac manicure for a tenner before escaping to the city centre for some much needed retail therapy.

I knew Leeds was supposed to be great for shopping but I couldn't believe just how amazing it actually was, the shops are all so pretty and you are completely spoilt for choice, you really do need a full day (and an even fuller bank account) to get around them all.

I would like to move there now please.

So as I'm pretty broke at the moment I had a budget, which was rather frustrating, but I decided my money would probably be best spent in a shop which us country bumpkins don't often get a chance to visit.Harvey Nichols.What a wonderful place, full of beautiful people it is!Once inside we were excitedly fondling the Alexander Wang Rocco bag while the snotty Balenciaga girls gave us evils, I had a feeling they sensed our  budget so we headed over to the sanctuary of the MAC counter where I picked up...

'SNOB' Lipstick and Studio sculpt foundation

Seen as though we were in Harvey Nichols I thought it fitting to buy 'snob' a lilac toned pink (satin finish) which I have never owned before, and has great potential to become a favourite.

I have also never owned studio sculpt foundation but it has been on my list of foundations to try for such a long time. I used it today and on first impression I really like it, it's a medium/full coverage and gives a dewy finish. Watch this space for a full review.

Also in Leeds city centre is an actual Liz Earle SHOP and it's a corker! I had to go in and repurchase the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser!

If you have a blog and have recently reviewed the Liz Earle Cleanse and polish, then you may have had a comment from me moaning about how my skin has missed mine since I ran out a couple of months ago, and it really has! Not too often will you hear me give a product Holy grail status, but this cleanser really is, for want of a better phrase "The absolute nuts". 
The sales assistant was lovely and because she asked me if I had purchased from Liz Earle before I had to explain that I was a Blogger and got certain products sent to me from the PR, she asked all about my blog which was lovely and told me that she usually watches Pixiwoo and we had a chat about Nic's baby, it's such a small world! Oh and when you purchase something from the shop you get a free sample size gift of your choice, I chose the skin repair moisturiser which at 15ml is a very generous amount of product, and I'm sure to fall in love with it aren't I?


  1. I love leeds for shopping,its really great. I was luckily enough to be invited to the Liz Earle shops in leeds grand opening where I got to meet the woman herself! I have snob but don't reach for it as often as I should xx

  2. I've wanted to try the Cleanse & Polish but the Cocoa Butter is putting me off! :(

  3. @Charlotte ooh did u? I bet that was brilliant! Im liking snob alot so far :)) xxx

    @Romzs Ooh really? Is it the smell of cocoa butter that you don't like? Because you really cant smell's a kind of natural/menthol scent :) xxx

  4. I love macs snob lippy! Speed dial has just won the place of my new fave though! xx

  5. I really need to try that Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, everyone raves about it!

  6. @Nikkay Speed dial was one that I was tempted to get, but it had to be snob just because we were in Harvey Nichols lol :)

    @Dolly Daydream Oh you should, It is really worthy of the hype and I love that it doesn't come with a huge price tag :)


  7. Shopping in Leeds is the best and im lucky i get to do it when ever i want and Macs snob is my every day fave! love this post

  8. @Madisonxox Ahhh I'm so JEL! I was like a kid in a sweet shop, didn't know where to look first hehe :) ahh is it? I've worn it for the past two days and am really loving it aswell Thanks chick xxx


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