Monday, 10 October 2011

Weekend summary...

It's one of those Monday mornings that I actually love, I have nothing much to do, well actually I do but I am allowing myself time to procrastinate, which I'm sure I will regret later when I realise the sink is piled high with pots and I have no clean pants...but ho hum!
The puppies enjoy a spot of procrastinating on a Monday morning as well!
While the rain hammers it down outside I am settled comfortably on my settee in a big snuggly jumper (yes snuggly is a word spell check!!), Vanilla ice cream scented candles burning all around the living room, watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4 on DVD, with a large coffee, (the first of many) and will no doubt be in a caffeine coma by the time I finish writing this... 

Anyway, I did plan on writing a Sunday summary last night but by the time I had got back from nomming a Sunday roast at the pub, editing a haul video, and trying to keep up with the #bbloggers Twitter chat all while watching X factor, it just didn't happen :(  So instead here's my weekend summary...

Friday (always an honorary weekend day) was spent shopping with my lovely friend Lisa, she has just set up her own salon and needed a few bits and pieces to decorate her treatment room so we trundled off to Ikea, on the way managing the impossible feat of getting to McDonalds before they stopped serving breakfast (10.30 am!! Why? Ronald why??) Sadly and amazingly I declined a sausage and egg Mcmuffin while (size 8) Lisa troffed one and washed it down with a chocolate orange Galaxy, life can be so unfair!! 
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We had the usual girlie Ikea shop, playing house in all the little room set-ups, playing with the toys in the kids dept *cough* , lying on the beds, laughing hysterically about the episode of Friends where Pheobe pretends to be swedish and calls herself Ikea, and leaving quickly having purchased only candles from the market hall because we were eager to get to the Boots superstore across the retail park!! (oh and also resisting a hot dog at the end, top marks!)
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We did quickly pop into comet because I am currently on the hunt for a decent video camera, and after having a play with some of the fancy HD jobby's I was left baffled as to which would be the best one, wondering if I really do look that gross in real life and finally comforting myself with the thought that it must be the awful florescent lighting making it seem like I am a pasty faced hag with pores the size of moon craters! 

If any of you guy's have any recommendations for picking out a video camera, please leave me a comment, is HD the way forward? 

Saturday was another shopping day, this time with my boyfriend, our son had a laser tag party to attend in Derby so we had a couple of hours to kill and spent it mooching around Westfield, I had a bit of a fuzzy head after a few drinks on Friday night, and so it was a bit of a chore battling through the crowds while trying not to Vom/have a panic attack/collapse in a heap on the floor! 
Being the wee trooper that I am though I did manage to buy a few bit's and pieces from Superdrug, a humongous NYX eye shadow palette from TK MAXX , a new cozy autumn-y cardigan from a charity shop...which is 2 sizes too small, (but I'm hopeful all of this resisting food will pay off and it will fit in time for Christmas) and a Hello Kitty umbrella which my boyfriend royally took the piss out of, and tried to talk me out of buying by pointing out that I don't walk around in the rain often enough to justify spending £12 on a ("child's") umbrella! I told him that walking in the rain would be my new hobby!
(Haul video here)
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Sunday was pretty uneventful, I played with some sfx make-up for the first time in a long time, filmed said haul video after many failed attempts at stringing together a coherent intro. I also got to use my new umbrella albeit for about 30 seconds while we walked from the car into the pub...but still, I managed to prove to my boyfriend that I do in fact walk in the rain.

How was your weekend?


  1. OHMYGOSH your puppies are soo adorable. I really really want a pug... the next flat we rent (moving in jan) I am ONLY going to go with a landlord who will let us!

    I really want to purchase an affordable but decent video cam too, so let us know if/when you pick one!

    Off to watch the haul now :) xx

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  2. Aww they are haha! Pugs are hilarious, really greedy, and they sleep loads (and snore loud!)
    I will let you know as soon as I find one hun :)
    Thanks chick xxx


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