Thursday, 30 January 2014

Rave Review: Maybelline Superstay Better skin foundation

So of course I'm going to give you a back story as to what made me pick this product up, I don't know why I feel the need to do this, it just seems to be my thing! Just scroll a bit if you want to get to the review, I'll let you off ;)

 I popped into Boots last week intending to pick up the L'oreal true match foundation after hearing so many great reviews about it, I actually had the bottle in my hand and was on my way to the till when I passed by the Maybelline stand and spotted they had released a new foundation, I took the gamble having heard nothing about it, put back the L'oreal  (I'm not made of money) and grabbed a bottle of this admittedly not taking a great deal of time selecting a shade because I was double parked (Oops!) I actually wanted to write up the review the second after I'd applied it but it would have gone something like this... ohmyfreakinggodivefoundmyholygraildrugstorefoundation...and so I held off to give you a more cohearent review and after a week of trying it out I can officially announce that this is my new drugstore foundation love!

If you read all of that garbage, thanks! Scrollers you missed a treat! Ok so lets get on with the review...

£8.99 30ml

Liquid foundation/ Glass bottle pump combo

Shade range
Available in 8 shades 

What Maybelline say...

Our foundation improves the look of your skin every time you wear it. Skin looks better today, tomorrow and beyond.

Better Skin reduces the appearance of dull, blotchy and uneven skin, leaving you with flawless, hydrated, even and glowing skin.

It evens out discoloration and brightens dull areas, providing a healthy looking glow from day to night.

The formula is suitable for sensitive skin, contains no perfume, and is non-comedogenic. It is tested under dermatological control.

On Monday morning I applied this and completely forgot to apply concealer, this never happens! So clearly it really does what it says on the tin in terms of coverage and leaving a seriously flawless, even (semi matte) finish. I have a normal/dry skin type so if my skin was leaning dry I would probably avoid using this, as although it feels smooth and hydrating I can imagine it caking like buggery on very dry skin. There isn't a specific time frame regarding length of wear among the claims, the back of the bottle just says 'all day wear' which I will back up, I apply this and 8 hours later it still looks flawless without powder.

 So there is also the claim of "better skin in 3 weeks" I can't comment on that just yet as I am just about to go into my second week and can't say I have noticed a difference in the condition of my skin, but I love it so much that I actually don't really care, if that did happen it would just be a (very) nice bonus.

I have the shade 021 Nude which suits my NC25 skin perfectly although I have a small amount of gradual tan on at the moment so I'm a tad darker it seems to adapt and blend well to the change.
Some of you may already know that my favorite foundation of all time is Nars sheer glow and this is the only contender for a dupe I have found in the drugstore, from consistency to finish If I was blindfolded I would  be hard pushed to tell the difference between the two.

 Can you tell I love it??
Have you tried this out?



  1. Would you recommend this foundation for combination or oily skin? Or does it work better on dry skin? :)

    1. I think its pretty much an all rounder. It'll work really well on combo/oily skin definitely. I would just be a bit wary of using it on super dry skin :) xxx

  2. I'm so obsessed with finding the perfect drugstore foundation! I think I just may try this one out too if your review is anything do go by! Great review!

  3. I'm so obsessed with finding the perfect drugstore foundation! I think I just may try this one out too if your review is anything do go by! Great review!

    1. Aww thanks my lovely! Definitely give it a go it's really amazing!! :) xxx

  4. Is it ok If i borrow the image?

    Be sure to follow my blog

    1. Of course you can if you don't mind crediting me :) Thanks xxx


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