Sunday, 26 January 2014

Luscious lips and Princess tips...

...Week (or so) in Instagram pics...
1.My very first E.L.F purchases, 3 lip products for a fiver and I love them so I'm looking forward to making another order soon.
2. I found some oh so beautiful old webcam pictures of me and my boyfriend (oh dear!!) 
3. Pulled Essie Mint candy apple out of hiding to satisfy my craving for pastel nails.
4.Love this top from Primark, it may end up being a pyjama top but I had to get it!
5.I went out in search of the L'oreal true match foundation and came home with this one from Maybelline instead, I will be posting up a review shortly...spoiler...I'm really, really loving it!!
6. This l'il fella joined me while I was on my coffee break at work..definitely one of the perks of living in the countryside.
7.I was just a bit excited to see these on the shelves in my local shop but there are no where near as yummy as regular ferrero rocher.
8. I'm still determined to get over my You Tube nerves so I popped up The TMI TAG as a kind of 'get to know me'.
9.You can't beat a good Sunday roast can you? Last weeks was one of the yummiest ever made by my boyfriend.
10.I was fancying Barbie pink on my nails towards the end of the week and found this nails inc mini among my polishes I think it's called Oxford Circus I added the beautiful Rimmel finishing touch glitter top coat and the result was Princess nail perfection!

I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday evening I've been feeling a little bit poorly this afternoon so I just had a bit of a pamper session in the bath while my very own Jamie Oliver was busy working his magic on a joint of lamb, I can't even describe how yummy it smells and I'm hoping that plus the little ferrero bunny that's waiting to be munched should make me feel a whole lot better! 

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