Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Soap and Glory Sit tight.....bye bye cellulite!!

         I think the title of this Blog should be the official full name for this product!
Ok so this product claims to do the impossible....tone the thighs while sitting down (the sitting is essential!!!)
Brilliant,I thought upon coming across this in a magazine....

After a quick browse through ASOS i made my purchase (along with a few other's,naughty!),a snip at £14 if it does what it claims to do.
When it arrived the next afternoon, despite the pretty silver and pink packaging telling me to apply the cream in the morning i couldn't wait and promptly slathered a layer on,waited 60 seconds as instructed to get dressed then sat myself down with a cup of tea and waited...The sensation was rather nice actually a mild warm,tingly feeling... it felt like i had put vicks vapour rub on my legs,weird, but in a good way it felt like the product was working its magic on my orange peel thighs!Me being me...pretty impatient,couldn't resist another little test at bedtime, routine repeated i got into bed and immediatley felt my legs heating fact this time the heat was alot more intense,though bearable i must add.
I wondered if maybe repeating the process would make the product work faster but at £14 for a 200ml tube i decided to stick to applying as advised by the good peeps at S&G.
The results
Well im two weeks into using sit tight (in the proper way) and can actually see a visible difference in the texture and tone of my thighs,they aren't 100% perfect, but i would say that this is a must have for anyone looking to improve the appearance of cellulite quickly say before a special occassion or to get beach ready without any fussy diet programme.It would probably work really well along side excersise and a healthy diet (i will try to incorporate both into my lifestyle,i will,i will,i will!!!)...but as the label says sit tight!!...its a lazy girls dream xxx


  1. I lurve Soap & Glory products. Not tried this one, but think I'd need a bigger tube! lol

  2. me too they are gorgeous,this is just fantastic i cant praise it highly enough...a bigger tube is definitely needed mine is down to the very last drop :((( xxx

  3. I'm using Soap & Glory products too and I love it although Cellulean reviews pointed out this wont completely get rid of cellulite but I love how it lessen its appearance.


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