Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hellllo Healthy skin....Bourjois Healthy mix foundation review of the biggest make-up issues we face as women is finding the right foundation..not just for our skintone,which admitedly is a massive part in our foundation battle but one which suits our skin type,some of us like it heavy,some of us like it sheer,then we go into coverage,staying power etc etc...i could go on and on.

What i have noticed though is that most women like their foundation to give them a healthy appearance,a radiance that looks completley natural.I think this foundation may have hit the jackpot!!!
As a make-up artist and general lifelong self made guinea pig i have tried about a million (no exaggeration *cough) foundations...from the cheap and cheerful to the insanely expensive and at the moment this one for me is running alongside nicely with MAC's face and body but at around 75% cheaper i may have to retire my old faithful.

My skintone is slightly olive and i used shade 53(beige) which out of the three available shades is the medium and found it was perfect although if i had st.tropez'd  id probably go up a shade.

Ok so the foundation itself comes in a 30ml pump bottle which dispenses just a nice amount of product and is nice and easy to contol the flow unlike so many.It is infused with apricot,melon,apple,and ginger and has the most wonderful fruity scent which makes you feel as though you are giving your skin a real treat.
Bourjois say that healthy mix gives up to 70% more radiance for up to 16hours....i totally agree infact i would say i felt 99% more radiant but not for 16hours,who wears foundation for that long anyway???? It lasted on me for around 8hours...but that is fair enough for a medium coverage foundation.
What i also noticed is that,very much like the MAC face and body you can build up the layers without it looking cakey (be sure to blend though!).

At £9.99 the price is pretty much the norm for a hs brand foundation but i have noticed that its on offer at boots for £6.99 atm.

 For me this is the ultimate high street brand foundation...of course i will keep on trying others...i have 5(oooops!!) unopened in my kit as we speak,but while a foundation is making me feel this pretty i'm gonna be sure to try them out on days when im staying in the house.


  1. Oh I am so tempted to try this...ok I know I will have to try this I was about to purchase the MAC Face and Body.

    However today was a sucessful day of foundation testing in Boots...I tested No7 Lift & Luminate and for once the lightest shade was too light (this never happens)! So I had to go for Ivory.
    I've got a sample so will have to try it out first before buying the Healthy Mix.

    My goal is to try and find one better than Max Factor Second Skin...which I have loved for 2 years now!

    Fee x

    PS. Realling looking forward to all your words of wisdom.

  2. Hey thanks for commenting much easier than tweeting... yay for unlimited words!!!
    MAC face and body is amazing i have been using it for 2years and love it but at £23 a bottle it was getting to be a stretch even with a 35% discount as i had to travel quite far to get it (online doesn't do discount)
    its definatly worth buying at least once to try as its so light you can apply as many layers as you like and it never looks caked on so you can achieve perfect coverage and the range of colours is outstanding...i used to mix 2 shades depending on how much i had fake tanned that week...ooh starting to miss it a bit now...moving on haha!

    My friend has used second skin for ages she swears by it she is also the palest shade...i need to try it i do have one unopened in my kit so gonna have a play this weekend!! :)

    again thanks for commenting and i love your blog so much it really inspired me to get typing thanks :)
    Nat xxx


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