Thursday, 13 January 2011

5 under £5...Top 5 January

Ok so i know its only the 12th Jan,but ive been a very busy bee when it comes to hunting out the best of the highstreet beauty brands, and these 5 are absolute crackers...excuse the post xmas pun,i miss xmas so much!! ;(

1. Primark tweezers pack of two- £1

I have always been a tweezer snob ever since i first started to pluck my unruly (only just a) pair of brows,I have sat for hours with the most awful (sometimes expensive) tweezers plucking and averaging around 2 hairs per hour, but with age i have found myself alot more open minded and willing to try new things, and after this little find in Primark im so thankful for my new found (ahem) wisdom....

There are two pairs in the packet one angled and one pointed,so far i have only used the angled pair but i can hand on heart say they are the BEST tweezers i have ever had!!! better than the 2 pairs of £15 tweezerman's i had,better than the £15 ruby and Millie pair i had (although to be fair these were fantastic)

I managed to pluck my brows in less than 15 mins...a new record!! pick these baby's up while you can!!

2.Holland&Barrett Vitamin e oil £2.99 74ml

This was a bit of an accidental find...i have a client who is in her 60's who has the most phenomenal skin i have noticed for a while that she always has a pot of yellow liquid on her dresser it actually looks like a wee sample so i thought it best i didnt ask!!! :/

It was my mum who suggested it was probably vitamin e oil...hmmm...yes mum!!! Of course this lovely lady hasnt had a pot of wee on her dresser for the best part of a year...silly me!
so off to Holland and Barrett we went (no pun intended).

We (ok i cant stop!) found this 74ml pot with £3 off so its costing £2.99 at the moment,thanks for buying it for me mum :)

What a beautiful product! it smells lemony,leaves skin feeling insanely moisturised and as it states on the bottle is "pure enough to drink" how could you feel bad about putting this on your face.

As of yet i havent used it in a morning before foundation but when i do i will be sure to post the results because i have a feeling my new fave Healthy mix foundation will be looking even healthier when i do.

3.Extra strength oil of peppermint 200mg Holland and Barrett £3.09

Ok in the past week i have bought my first ever products from Holland and Barrett...perhaps im drawn to it because im feeling the post xmas body/health slump.

I have been feeling really bloated for a few weeks since xmas and yes i have gained a few pounds but my stomach was bloated in such a strange way that i knew it wasnt typical turkey podge!
A quick google and i came across these brilliant tablets apparently IBS sufferers find great relief from using them...well if they are that good why not?

I took 2 tablets a day after meals(the max recommended dose) and really noticed a difference after 2 days my stomach which is by no means flat,had seemed to have gone back to its original (slightly podgy) state..the uncomfortable football in tummy feeling had gone and now i can look forward to flattening it down fully.


4.Barry M ASOS Exclusive Lip Wand And Kohl Pencil £3.85

 Its ALWAYS a good idea to shop at ASOS in my eyes...but the beauty shop clearance section after xmas is worth a look even to the most reluctant shopper.

This set would be worth buying and saving as a present even if you are not a fan of Barry.M how could you not be though right? The lipgloss usually retails at £4.49 and the pencil £3.99.

The lipgloss is 'bubblegum pink' it may look shocking but like with all lip colours i find you will always have another colour (or 40!!) to make it work for you.I dont believe in wrong colour lipsticks.But as i say it would make a fab gift and it tastes delishhhh :)
The eyeliner pencil is 'intense black' and i must say it is not one of my fave's.As it is a retractable liner i find that the side of the tube makes it uncomfortable to apply..i would have loved this offer to have come with the Barry.M 'super soft eye crayon'...but saying that for this price im certainly not complaining!

5.Rimmel lash accelerator mascara £5.99 Boots

 I know im cheating by adding this one in,but at £5.99 for my most recent fave mascara i couldnt resist..

I actually find it difficult to review mascara as what i find is that most claim to lengthen,thicken,seperate,make u look like a supermodel etc.. the fact is the majority of the major companies have taken to using lash inserts and telling us in (smallprint) their ads totally contradicting the point of their own advertisments.
But we all need mascara right? and although Rimmel are indeed guilty of falsies crime (naughty Rimmel) this mascara rocks my socks...the wand is a nice length so you dont feel like you are rubbing your foundation off with the side of your palm whilst applying.And it does give a nice non clumpy seperated finish....whats not too love Bargain!!! ;D

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