Friday, 28 January 2011

High street 'hopping' vs Online shopping

What i think most girls enjoy about online shopping as opposed to buying on the highstreet is the comfort aspect,the fact that you dont have to go from store to store taking off your boots,then heaving your skinnies on and off, stressing and burning up as you drag your top up over your head for the 47,000th (NO exaggeration ;)) time,ruining your hair and make-up as you do it!Not too mention lugging around however many bags that are bursting at the seams and ready too rip and spill the contents of your new wardrobe/knicker drawer/bathroom cabinet all over the highstreet (*cough*Primark*cough*).

I know that most girls end up flopped in Costa surrounded by bags completely exhausted,bedraggled and lacking the energy to venture back out onto the highstreet, this is never a good thing  if you are shopping on a Saturday ready for a big night out,in fact 9/10 it makes you want to go home to bed and just not bother,even if there was 50% off at Selfridges it would take considerable effort to haul ass up from that leather setee pick up your ripped bags and go in for some yellow bag therapy (ok,it would HAVE to be done but you get my point.)

When we compare the horror story above to the fairy-tale-esque shopping experience that is online shopping (occasional late delivery disaster aside for now!) where there are no nightmare bag ripping,knicker dropping embarrasments,it doesnt matter if your make-up is on your face,sliding down your face or completley non existent, and there is no up and down,on and off pulling, squeezing or tugging of clothes because lets face it you are in your pj's ;)!
(Ok there is no costa coffee in your living room but hey!)


    *  Being able to test products,feel fabrics                                          
     ,try before you buy, and swatch cosmetics.                        
    * It's fantastic exercise! as Carrie Bradshaw                        
     said in sex and the city "shopping's my cardio"
    * Costa Coffee/Nero's... just any place that sells coffee

     and muffins!!                                                                         
     Getting your items there and then! No hanging out of        
     the window waiting for the postie!                                      

    * And while we're on that subject....NO MORE                  

    'SORRY WE MISSED YOU,YOUR PARCEL                    
     HAS BEEN SENT TO THE DEPOT' notes                      


 *Being able to browse your favourite stores,from the comfort
of your sofa while watching TV,eating,having a cuppa,wearing a 
facemask and pj's....the list is endless....

*There are no queues in 'online land'

*Most online shops do next day delivery 
and same day delivery is becoming alot more
common (ASOS and Selfridges already provide this service)

*There are no opening and closing times so no more 

wedging yourself between Topshop's doors at 5:31pm
as the sales girl brings the shutters down on you!!

(I didn't do this!! ;/)

So if it wasn't obvious throughout this post, I am so on Team online!

I wont stop going to the highstreet because I really enjoy visiting little boutiques that you wont find online and my beloved trips to Nero!!  
But now when i take a trip to town i can happily breeze through the shops scanning for my next purchase,relaxed, without 'changing room hair'  bruises around my wrists from carrying hefty shopping bags and blissfully happy in the knowledge that my Saturday night dress and accessories are hung up on my bedroom door awaiting my return ready to party!!                   




  1. Oh good post!

    I'm with you on team online...well for clothes anyways. I hate having to take to pay for items and so many changing rooms are either too small or grubby and nasty.
    Plus it's sooo tiring esp in Winter!

    Were as shopping for clothes online is so much more relaxed and you can easily find out if you can get it from another website cheaper - really can't do this on the highstreet!

    However I do like to buy costmetics in the flesh..not sure why as I don't like swatching the nasty samples but you do get to see the shades as online swatches are sooo unlike the actual shade most of the time.

    Really good sides for both though!

    Fee x

  2. Hey Fee!
    Yeah I'm the same with cosmetics..they have to come straight from the store unless they are a repurchase otherwise its just impossible to get your colours right...Its a shame tho...Itd be great if online stores sent out samples to their subscribers or some system like that then id be soooo on board!!!
    I do love the bright lights of the cosmetic counters though so id still be a regular in boots and superdrug ;)xxx


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