Sunday, 14 May 2017

Review- Rubis Red Gold Six Star Tweezers. The Ferrari of Tweezers?

Now I am a hairy little beast, its not pretty but I don't know a single woman who doesn't have to battle with the odd chin hair from time to time. Sometimes rapid hair growth works to my advantage, for example if I was going to a fancy dress party as Helga from 'Hey Arnold' and wanted to perfectly replicate her look, boom, my own personal hair gene-ie (see what i did) will grant that wish in approximately 1 millisecond, on the flip side said gene-ie decides to take himself off on a long holiday from his duties when I decide to get 8 inches cut off my hair and regret it the following day.

So with that said a good pair of tweezers are essential to keep me looking more human than gruffalo,
and when I was offered a pair of what Bobbi Brown called the "Ferrari of tweezers" to review of course I wanted to try them out!

Firstly I've never seen a better looking pair of tweezers, have you?? And while the aesthetics don't really matter of course it is appreciated! 

Swiss company Rubis originally crafted precision tweezers exclusively for the Swiss watch industry and were used to make and set Rubies into the movements of Patek Philipe, Cartier and Rolex watches....Of course this plus the reassuringly expensive (£29) price tag set my expectations higher than Cheech and Chong in a hot air balloon.

Initially I was very impressed, they do indeed grip even the tiny just grown through hairs and remove them with ease, however... you know those miniscule hairs that are basically black dots and can only be seen in the evil that is the 10x magnified mirror? Well sadly the above mentioned blurb does not reflect their ability to get those little fuckers out! In all fairness the fact that they are not actually visible to the human eye has me thinking that I might need to re evaluate my expectations (unless anybody has found something that does remove them??)

Overall I think they are a fantastic pair of tweezers, personally I wouldn't exactly go as far as calling them the Ferrari of tweezers, (the Porsche Boxter maybe) or be willing to pay £29 for them because performance wise they are exactly on par with my mini tweezermans which cost £13. Of course as mentioned the design of this pair are very very pretty however the only stockist I could find for the 6 star design was ebay but the entire Rubis range which has considerably cheaper, plain designs that presumably perform the same can be found on Cult beauty and Beauty Bay

What are your favourite tweezers? 

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