Monday, 15 May 2017

Morphe 12NB Palette- Review, Swatches, and an EOTD

I noticed this palette while shopping on Beauty Bay the other week and decided to order it as an addition to my kit, I thought it looked to have potential as a fab neutral palette for my bridal clients.

For £13 you get 12 eyeshadows that come in a perfect for travel/pro kit sized palette which I appreciate, I'm really not a fan of the over facing 35 palettes but I've been curious about the hype over Morphe shadows for a while so I am happy they have these smaller palettes as an option.

I was drawn straight away to the 8th shade in the palette, the warm Bronze/Brown and the swatch really made a great first impression, it felt buttery soft and the pigmentation packed a punch, the same can be said for shades 6, 7, 11, and 12 for me these are the stand out shades in the 12NB.

The lighter shades on the top row are less impressive, they take quite a bit of building up to get the colour payoff, as well as that they are chalkier than the other shades in the palette but it's not something that bothers me especially considering how much the palette cost.

I really love the terracotta shade (7) for a transition shade with the warm plummy Brown (12) in the crease with shade 8 on the outer 'V' and under the lower lash line which is what I used here.

Other products used-
MAC solar bits pigment (lid)
Ardell demi wispies (lashes)
Zoeva black eyeshadow from the cool spectrum palette (top lash line)
MAC feline eyeliner (waterline)

Overall I'm really happy to have the 12NB.The shades I mentioned as the stand outs would be worth the £13 alone and I have a feeling that it will be one that I will use a lot both personally and professionally. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you are after an affordable compact neutral palette with the potential to create many different looks. You can get this palette here

My only real issue is the lack of shade names and that comes from a professional point of view as it's so much easier to remember a shade I've used by name on a job, so if by any chance Morphe reads this and would like to hire somebody to name their shades I am so available for that position! 
In fact I'd go as far as saying that would be my dream, job!

What are your thoughts on Morphe eyeshadows?

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