Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon VS NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I just wanted to share these truly gorgeous lip crayons from Primark (I don't say that lightly I'm turning into a total cynic when it comes to beauty products) that cost me the grand total of £4! As the name would suggest these are comparable to the NARS velvet matte lip pencils at a 5th of the price.

Comparing them to the NARS pencils, which I am doing from memory as I sold my NARS VMLP a while ago (telling in itself!) I find the Primark crayons so much more comfortable to wear as they don't exactly dry down fully without being blotted, so while that means that the lasting power isn't quite as long as the NARS pencil which sets fully but feels too drying for my liking, I personally appreciate the comfort over the longievity... I also appreciate the extra £18 in my pocket. 

The shades that I have are 'Ballerina' which is a warm, Pinky nude....just gorgeous!, and the other shade has no name printed on it so no points to Primark for consistency! I have a feeling it is called 'Mushroom' and if it wasn't before then it is now...'Mushroom' is a stunning Mauve/Pink, if you are after a total Kylie Jenner colour this is the perfect shade!

Top- Mushroom

Shade range wise NARS wins here with 33 shades. I believe there are around 6 shades of Primark crayons correct me if I'm wrong though.
The packaging is similar, obviously the NARS is sleeker feeling and without the essay printed on it that Primark favour, this isn't something that bothers me.
Lastly NARS VMLP costs £20 for 2.4g product while the Primark VMLC is just £2 for 3.5g

So while, brand wise NARS will always be a firm favourite of mine I really do prefer the Primark version of a matte lip crayon and I'm definitely going to be picking up the rest of the shades!

Have you tried either of these pencils? What do you think to them?

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