Thursday, 1 August 2013

July favourites!

Hey everyone, thought I'd pop the old blogging cap on and say's surprising how difficult it is to pick back up after a long break but I have a random day off (Car in the garage) its the 1st of the month so a monthly favorites is a nice little ice breaker dontcha think?

Seventeen 'Dolled up' mascara

One of those "Aww cute name...WANT!" purchases last month, as is usually the case when I wander into Boots I don't actually need anything but always come out having clocked up a few extra advantage card points! You all know the drill ;o)
Always excited to try out a new mascara but having little hope that this would be much cop, I found myself taken aback with how much "Dolled up" reminded me of Max factor "clump defy" which has been a recent love of mine. The wand is a very slightly longer (a good thing in my book!) dupe, and it gives the same volume and amazing lash separation which is what I want from my mascara's.
It's nothing groundbreaking but it's definitely worth picking up if you are in the market for a great budget mascara as it's around the £5 mark.
As for the 24 hour curl claim on the tube....why????? pointless!!

Maybelline FIT me! Foundation

I have found myself reaching for this a lot while the weather has been so beautiful in the UK. I can't stand to wear a heavy base on hot, sticky days so will always switch out my usual NARS sheer glow in favour of something more lightweight. FIT me! gives a light/medium coverage which is buildable and doesn't cake. I love how it leaves skin looking still like skin, fresh, slightly dewy and feeling able to 'breathe' 

Maybelline FIT me! concealer

Leading nicely into the matching concealer...oh yes I am on a roll now woo! This is for me the most exciting high street Make-up product that I have found in a long time as in all my days I have never ever found a concealer from thee likes of Boots and Superdrug that have worked on me....even after going through at least 5 tubes of Collection 2000 lasting perfection trying to get the hype....nothing! 
This one does its job to perfection!! it's creamy, easy to blend in, doesn't sit in fine lines. It conceals,correct and leaves under eyes looking brighter! It is an actual dream!! 

AVON superSHOCK gel eye liner

I had been wanting to try this out for such a long time and never got around to it, so when I saw that it was been given away in a (can't remember which, there were so many freebies last month!!) magazine I snapped it straight up! A gel liner in pencil form...beaut!! It truly lives up to the hype super Black, soft formula and it is budge proof even in the water line! I have used this most days while the weather has been hot by running a MAC 266 brush across the pencil and using that to create a winged liner over just a simple wash of colour on my lids.

Garnier Moisture match 

I reviewed this not so long ago now (here) but felt it worth a very quick mention as I am now on my 3rd tube and my skin has been free of dryness the whole time I have been using this so it definitely deserves a spot in my faves!! Love it!!!! 

Random July favorites

* Here come's Honey boo boo! Can't...look....away...
*New Geordie above!
*Kate, William and The Royal baby.... bless!!
*Yorkie buttons (the size of the royal baby's head no less!!!)

I hope you enjoyed my favorites, let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think to them, or just say helloooooo in the comments :o) 


  1. Really enjoyed reading this post, that liner looks amazing!

    Kristie from Kristie Blogs Beauty //
    Follow me on blog lovin!

    1. Thank you :) It really is fantastic!! xxx

  2. Glad your back!! I love that avon eyeliner too...the barry m waterproof one is another worth trying x

    1. Aww bless ya thanks! :D ooh not tried that one I don't think but I'll have a look cheers chick! xxx

  3. Supershock gel eyeliner is one of my favourite pencil liners ever, I'll forever re-purchase it. I really like the look of the Fit Me foundation, I use the powder every day and it's fab



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