Wednesday, 30 October 2013

First impressions: L'oreal Nude Magique eau de teint

Hi there! Nice to see you all, it's been a while hasn't it? 

Today I have been trying out the new foundation from L'oreal, the Nude magique eau de teint* (say it out loud in a French accent it makes you feel all fancy) and I wanted to pop a quick first impressions/mini review type of thing up!

Instead of a waffly review I want to keep it short and sweet so I'm going to break it down into digestable pieces of info that's how I like to read reviews anyway...


Teeny tiny frosted glass bottle which makes it look quite chic, the "in yo face" print and lavender metallic lid kind of ruin that but it's what's on the inside that counts right?....


£9.99 for a 20 ml bottle. 10 ml less than your average size at around the same price as your average high street foundation. If this was a high coverage foundation and you were needing to use less product I could understand the drop in ml however it is the opposite so that is a tad disappointing.

What L'oreal say/What I think


Agreed this is an ultra light water based foundation which when you apply it feels like you are literally putting water on your face, weird in a good way! 

"Instantly fuses with the skin , blending seamlessly to leave a silky second skin effect"-

I slightly disagree in terms of it instantly fusing with my skin, I used my fingers to apply the foundation but found that I had to work the product into my face almost as much as I would normally to get it to blend completely. 

"Naturally even, shine free look."-

There's no denying this! It does give you a "my skin but better" look! with a satin finish. The coverage is super light, its basically one small step up from a tinted moisturiser and although I doubt it would cake if you were to try and build it up, I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be able to achieve even a medium coverage.

"Undetectable coverage"-

Absolutely! Even in a magnified mirror around the areas foundation tends to cling in (eyebrows, nostrils etc) there was no way that you could tell I had foundation on which is very impressive!!

Buy it if....

You have many a good skin day!
This is the perfect foundation for days when your skin is on its very best behaviour ie no breakouts of dry skin which as light as the formula is,the satin finish would most likely cling to, the same goes for fine lines. Any blemishes that you have, because of the light coverage this will not cover them up so a good concealer is recommended to use along side it which will definitely give a gorgeous "no make-up, make-up" skin finish! 

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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