Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Primark Autumn/Winter 2012: My picks

I pretty much love Primark all year round, it has it's crappy times quite often throughout the year but it just always seems to really come into it's own during the Autumn/Winter months, and at this time every year I find myself almost physically craving weekly trips as much as Augustus Gloop craves Wonka joke... ;) I did a bit of a spree in there a couple of weeks ago, but after going through InStyle's editors picks tonight I can see that another one is well and truly on the cards... 

Clockwise from top left

001-Triangle Necklace £3
002-Star stud jumper £14
003-Pink and grey knit bobble hat £3
004-Embellished collar dress £17
005-Grey stripe knit £6
006-Moustache slippers £8
007-Black sequin striped jumper £12
008-Chiffon maxi dress £18
009-Gold spike necklace £4
010-Berry knit snood £5
011-Fringe font khaki t-shirt £7
012-Stud pocket khaki trousers £13
013-Black cuban ankle boots £18
014-Textured rings £3
015 (centre) - Tiger tip chiffon top £7

0.1% Half of me is hoping that as it is just before Xmas and not an ideal time to be spending money on myself that at least a few of these items will look a lot less desirable in real life as is often the Primark way, but I think I did well to pick only 15 out of the 99 editors picks so maybe I should feed my inner Gloop and reward myself for being so frugal? ;) 



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