Wednesday, 21 November 2012

EOTD: Remember the NAKED palette?

Of course you do... :) 
For me this is the palette that I would choose above all others if I had someone (for whatever reason) holding a gun to my head and giving me a palette ultimatum.It's a palette I reach for most days, weather I'm having a lazy day, but not so lazy that I go sans eye shadow, or I feel like a full on smoky eye. It's so versatile that there's no wonder it has withstood the initial hype and remains a firm favourite.

Today was a 'day time smoky' kinda day, initially, as I didn't plan on venturing out too far in the torrential downpour that this morning offered us up in the UK I was planning on having an above mentioned lazy make-up day, but I was off work and had a bit of extra time to play so this is what I ended up with instead.

Virgin all over lid
Toasted in centre of lid
Gunmetal in crease and 'outer v' then blended upwards and outwards
A mixture of Gunmetal and Creep on a damp angled eyeliner brush pushed into top lash line
A mixture of Toasted and Gunmetal on a pencil brush smudged into lower lash line.
One coat of Max factor eye brightening mascara on upper and lower lashes

This follows the rules of my usual day time smoky eye.
A light colour on the lid with a smoky 'outer v' blended into the crease, and a little definition along the lash lines using powder to avoid being overly harsh.
Paired with a nude lip and a bit of bronzer I was good to go (nowhere!) 

I had to search my blog archive for this as my NAKED palette is feeling a little camera shy these days (ie the mirror is smashed and it is very well loved ;) )

Is this a 'go to' palette for you?



  1. Excellent look for doing nothing in :) I would be using it every day if it wasn't in that furry, dirt-magnet packaging! X

    1. Thanks hunni :) lmao at your packaging description! xxx

  2. great outcome


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