Friday, 16 November 2012


Left to right
 001-Standard Autumn bedtime behaviour
002-Pretty boy
003-Mini pumpkin 
004-New HG mascara (I repurchased this today)
005- Miley moo <3
006-Pretty boy is a feeeder! also what is with the disgusting honey chocolate in this box? Just wrong Cadbury!
007- Crappy coffee in a cute mug
008- 1st Gingerbread latte of the year #feelingfestive

Just a quick post as I haven't really got alot to say for myself "beauty wise" this week but I was feeling "bloggy" so I thought I'd pop up my last few instagram pictures instead, I've never done one of these posts and I always enjoy looking at them on other blogs.
 I've had a little play around with my blog today and made myself a new header, bit of a stressful process and I still have the headache from staring at the screen for so long but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out  let me know what you think, is it crap?
Oooh I say I have nothing to say on the subject of beauty but I have gone foundation-less for the past week thanks to the re-discovery of Origins vitazing moisturiser (and a couple of other face perker-uppers) I'm definitely going to pop up a post on this very soon.

Other than Im v.excited to watch Breaking Dawn part 2 at some point post hysteria I haven't got alot to tell you so I'm off to fake tan *groan* for a night out tomorrow.
Happy weekend!! 

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