Thursday, 25 October 2012

Max factor eye brightening mascara...

So this is the mascara that prompted my (very uninterested in make-up) boyfriend to ask if I was wearing false lashes a few weeks ago which made me decide that it is definitely worthy of a blog post all of its very own...

The most recent addition to the Max factor range of mascara's are the eye brightening mascaras, available in three shades (Black Pearl for Brown eyes, Black Ruby for Green eyes and Black Sapphire for Blue eyes) each shade is black based and contain light reflecting gem toned colour beads specifically intended to enhance every eye colour.

I picked this up in Superdrug after my usual mascara died a death about a month ago on rave recommendation from my Mum who insisted it was the best mascara since sliced bread (??),I've always been a huge sucker for any cosmetics with the word 'brightening' in anyway and with it being on an introductory offer for £4.99 (now £6.99 in Superdrug) including a free mini nail polish I decided it was worth giving a go.
Top-before Bottom-after
I love it!! But not for its eye brightening quality as I find this to be so subtle that it's barely noticeable (for the Brown eyes formula anyway) I prefer the Luminizer volume million lashes from L'Oreal for a colour enhancing mascara by comparisin and would definitely recommend it over this one for that purpose. It's the actual formula and the ifx wand of this mascara that are amazing, together giving lift, curl, separation, and a tonne of volume which lasts all day (and night if you happen to fall asleep wearing it, which I never, ever do of course *cough* ;D).

Black pearl swatched, the Blue tone and colour beads are so much more apparant than they translate to lashes in real life.
ifx wand- A fine plastic tapered wand which is so good for defining and coating hard to reach inner corner lashes and makes lower lash application really easy.
This little tube of goodness is definitely the most exciting and impressive drug store mascara for me since L'Oreal telescopic which is my all time favourite and the only drug store mascara I have continually repurchased, so it definitely get's a huge thumbs up! woohoo!

Have you tried this yet?


  1. I love max factor mascaras, but I am yet to try this one. I have a problem though as I have blue & green in my eyes so don't know what colour to go for haha :) x

  2. haha I would just go for the one which matches the most dominant shade in your eyes if it's even then pick either :) xxx

  3. This looks gorgeous on your lashes! I bet in the right light the colour really shows up but even without that it looks lush. And what a bargain!xx

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  4. Aww thanks Rhi :) Yeah I'm glad I picked it up when I did, you can't get enough free nail varnish lol xxx

  5. WoW your lashes look amazing :)

  6. I have not tried this yet! Hadn't even heard of it, so I'll investigate when I run errands tomorrow. I'm a mascara fanatic. Well, let's be honest. I'm a cosmetics fanatic/junkie. I admit it. And since L'Oreal recently discontinued my all-time favorite mascara, Lash Out, I'm on the hunt for a replacement. The mascara brush is key, for me, at least. Thanks for the review on this one, Natalie! :)

    - Dawn

    1. Ooh let me know what you think if you end up getting it, I've got 3 of my friends to buy it so far and they all love it aswell :) xxx


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