Friday, 14 September 2012

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume dupe

One of my all time favourite perfumes is the limited edition (original) Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder which is released each year during the summer and tends to sell out pretty quickly making it a bit of a nightmare to get a hold of. This year I have found myself on a tighter budget and, not that I have ever been big into buying perfume for myself, have been a lot less willing to splurge on it. So when searching for a cheap perfume that I could throw in my handbag everyday I came across "Golden Treasures EDT" in H&M,  I forgave the hideously cheesy name and not so glamorous packaging spritzed the tester and without much hope realised that it was an exact dupe for Bronze Goddess, hashtag excitedface-happydance-claplikeaseal!! (oh dear step away from the diet coke Natalie!!!)

Golden treasures £4.99 30ml H&M

This is such a Summery scent, lasts a surprisingly long time on the skin for an EDT and exactly like Bronze Goddess its virtually impossible to describe without using the word holiday (or Coconutty which is apparently not a word :/ ) and although Summer is nearly over this is the sort of fragrance that makes me happy all year round. If you're a fan of scents that remind you of summer and holidays aswell and are either on a budget, have been out of luck getting hold of the original Bronze Goddess or just want a cheapy chuck in your handbag perfume then it's definitely worth picking up a bottle.

Have you got any 'Coconutty' perfume recommendations?


  1. whaaat- £4.99 dupe? I'll have to check that out! it's not a perfume but the body shop hand cleanse gel in coconut smells amazing- it wafts coconut into like a 1 mile radius of where you are! x

    1. Yeah definitely check it out its amazing :) ooh I love the body shop coconut range I had the perfume oil for ages and love it im going to get the hand gel thank you lovely :) xxx

  2. OOOO nice. I need to have a sniff of this in H&M when I go next. I don't know what EL Bronze Goddess smells like but I love coconut/holiday scents. So if I like it I can buy it and take it on my holidays with me in November yayy for me! haha

    Fee x

    PS. Which bad person told you cocnutty isn't a read word, tsk!

  3. You really need it I know u are a coconut lover as well haha and it'll be perfect for your holiday yay for you!! lol :D bad spell check doesn't agree with me that coconutty is a word pffffftt what does it know?! ;) xxx


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