Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge...

...Not a brand that I have ever come across either on beauty blogs or in general day to day life for that matter, it's one of those 'ooh that name ring's a bell' kind of brands, but then it's not something you ever see in Boots or Selfridges and is kind of forgotten about, so when these beautiful products came into my life after a lucky win on a give away that Glossybox held on Twitter I was really intrigued to find out more about them and why they have been hiding from me for so long...

As if it were summer still Bronzing Glow Liquid
Dazzling sip Shimmering Luxe balm 
When birds are singing Long lasting eye shadow

After a lengthy googling session, it turns out that I haven't been walking around with my head in the clouds (well I have but that's pretty standard behaviour) and RBR is actually quite the elusive company in the UK and United states, it is only available to purchase on one website (
However if you were to be planning a trip to, or you live in Russia, Poland or the UAE you would find free standing counters as easily as you would find MAC counters over here as from what I can gather RBR is a Russian brand.

The text with the black background below comes from the Rouge Bunny Rouge website which is most definitely the most magical, exciting and creative cosmetic website in the world and I may or may not have a strong desire to live in it...All of the products are inspired and created following the tale of Princess Rouge, a frolicsome red bunny, and the Princess' desire to turn to the enchanted garden of which she dreams into reality through the magic of make-up.
Who can blame her?

Enough daydreaming ... what was in the box?
Dazzling Sip Luxe balm in 'pinch of nude'
This sybaritic balm is inspired by the Dragon-guarded Fountains of Indulgence in the Enchanted Garden. 

A very sheer pale peach shimmery lip balm which does feel pretty moisturising on the lips, however for the £22 price tag that comes with it I would definitely pass up on repurchasing this and pick up one of the (amazing looking) lipsticks for the same price instead.

When birds are singing long lasting eye shadow in 'Unforgettable Orieole'

The firefly festival is eagerly awaited all year in the Enchanted Garden. For then on this very special day, the best voices of the bird-world feed on tiny fireworks to embellish their voices and then gather to perform a single concert together. Their jubilant musical notes are inscribed in a syrup of figs and milk and preserved in tiny pots to be enjoyed all year round. Like this golden froth of musical syrup, WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... eye shadows are a time defying exotic enigma. This is plumage to adorn you in shades as deliciously mellow as soft silence that flows, or as brilliantly potent as jewelled notes. So addictive are these morsels that you’ll be causing your own kaleidoscopic ripples every time you wear them.

Just to go off on a slight tangent, I had to google Orieole to see exactly what might be Unforgettable about one, If you are as curious as I was click here ...Cute yes? :)

So back to business... Unforgettable Oriole is a beautiful pale gold shade with a Champagne pink undertone, which alongside the very fine glitter reflects beautifully when the light hits. The pigmentation is fantastic and the texture buttery soft which makes application and blending a dream come true!

I must admit that before writing this post I hadn't noticed the 'long lasting' part that is written on the side of the box, therefore I haven't paid particular attention to weather it is especially long lasting or not, however it does last at least as long as say an Urban decay or MAC shadow on me so around 6 hours at the very least. 
Again one of these would leave a slight dent in your wallet, coming in at £22 but at least there's a mirror in the lid.

'As if it were Summer still' Bronzing glow liquid

The Order of Rouge Bunny Rouge recreated this liquid-enchantment-in-a-bottle to polish your skin to a natural, even and radiant blissed-out halo of warmth. The subtle softness of the golden micro-particles contained within its heart will burnish you to glistening silk, all laid out on a reserved bed of summer. Anoint yourself, with this delicately exotic liquid, to remind you of spinning until light-headed under the dreamy light of the sun on a mid-summer’s day. Gloriously glamorous and inexorably captivating, you’ll be transformed into a Sun Angel, even in the midst of the greyest winter.

As you can see a little really goes a long way, half a pump which is less than a little fingernail sized splodge covers my entire hand. I either apply it on the tops of my cheekbones or I mix in a small amount to my daily moisturiser which gives a gorgeous subtle glow to the skin which is always good!
This is the biggest hitter when it comes to price at an eye watering £63, although there is 50g of product here so compared to benefit's high/moon beam highlighter's which are £18.50 for 7g I suppose you could call it a good deal.

To sum up, there are definitely a couple of products in the range that I wouldn't be able to justify the splurge *cough* The £22 lip balm, but I love the quality and design of the packaging and the exquisite attention to detail in every aspect from RBR that it kind of makes me want to buy everything.Now.



  1. Very cool! You have a great blog, I followed. I've never heard of the brand above but it looks very luxurious :) please stop by my blog sometime :)

    1. Oh thank you hunni! And thanks for following too! Yeah it definitely took quite a bit of research to find out all about it but it is super luxurious I wish I could afford to buy it all :) I will head over to your blog and follow of course xxx

  2. Love the look of the eyeshadow, I've put off buying RBR for literally years but always wanted to! If it was available from counters I wouldn't be able to help myself though lol x

    1. Omg I would be exactly the same haha :) xxx

  3. The eyeshadow and the bronzing liquid look so pretty! Looks like the products you got would be perfect for a pretty, bronzed glowy look.


  4. They really are amazing :) I would love the balm to have a little more pigment but the sheen it gives on the lips is really pretty.Yes I agree I will definitely get alot of use out of them in the Summer xxx


  6. I love the story behind the brand naming. It's very cute. Unfortunately, will have to just cry over the price tags for now. :p Thanks for introducing a new brand. :) xo

    1. Me too I'm a total sucker for things like that hehe :) aww and Im the same with the price tags I will have to wait a while to expand my collection :( You're welcome thank you for commenting xxx

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