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Review: Jemma Kidd light as air foundation

Hey Girlies,
 Happy New Year! 

I have neglected my blogging duties thus far in 2012 what with the beginning of the month always being a busy time with family birthdays, I am also in the process of setting up a new business (All Make-up and beauty related YAY!) with one of my best friends so that has taken up quite a bit of time in the past week too. Anyway I have been wanting to get this review up for quite a while and a couple of you asked what I thought, so I shall quit with my waffling ways and crack on with it...

Jemma Kidd Light as air foundation


The JK Light as air is housed in a black plastic squeezable tube, which considering that the product is priced as a higher end foundation could be a disappointment to those who prefer their packaging to reflect the price that they pay for a product. 
Saying that I really rather like it, it certainly isn't going to smash in my make-up bag, and thinking about it, with the consistency being so runny, a glass bottle/pump combo would definitely have disaster written all over it.
 So thumbs up for the packaging!


As this is a water based foundation the consistency is super runny, I find it to be the happy medium between two of my all time favourite foundations, MAC Face and body and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. It gives medium coverage which feels light on the skin as the name suggests 

0-60 in 3 seconds!

Finish/Staying power

Upon application it appears to leave a very dewy, luminous finish. However after it settles into the skin it sets to a slight powdery finish, that said, it manages to retain luminosity and give an absolutely flawless finish.
As I have a normal/dry skin type I find that with this finish of this foundation I do not need to powder my skin at all and it will stick around all day.

Who will it suit

This is a great foundation for most skin types, however those with very dry skin should probably steer clear as the powdery finish tends to cake pretty badly on dry area's. 

Colour range

There are 7 shades to choose from ranging from ultra light to dark, so there is a shade for pretty much everyone I have shade 03 light/medium (NC25-30) it is a tad dark for my natural skin tone (NC20) but I generally wear fake tan so it's not a problem and it will definitely be the perfect shade for me in the summer.

 RRP £25 for 30ml but is currently on sale at feel for £20 with free worldwide delivery and Beauty Bay for £19.95 with free worldwide delivery (this week only)

Another thing to point out is that even though it contains spf18 
it still photographs well with flash 
(I'm not too sure why I am cross eyed in this pic but hey ho ;))

Initially I did not fall for this foundation as hard as I had expected to and the reason for this was that I had been skipping out moisturiser from my skincare routine, which obviously with my skin type (normal/dry) is never a smart thing to do, and I was finding the finish drew attention to just how dehydrated my skin was!

 Since I have reunited my skin with it's much needed moisture, I have finally come to adore this foundation and everything about it, it is most definitely in my top 5 favourite foundations of all time, although not even I know the order in which that list goes (I'm ever so slightly fickle you see ;)) 

Have you tried this foundation? 
Do you wanna??



  1. Oh I'm glad you did this review as I've just purchased this, I'm almost out of Bourjois Healthy Mix and Doublewear so thought it was a mixture of the two! Hoping I'll love it too! x

  2. Oh I love healthy mix aswell I just ran out too, it does break me out if I wear it everyday but it's so good! Yeah this definitely sits somewhere between those 2 it's a great foundation! I bet you will love it! I cant wait to find out what you think :) xxx

  3. Really ant to try this! Heard loads of people talk about it x

  4. It is really lovely, try it if you can :) xxx

  5. I just tried this foundation on today! I really like the color and the texture of it. I wear MEFE HD in 123,and I was matched to shade #5. It looks a tad dark right now,but I know this we work well for me during the summer.

  6. Opps MUFE HD, not MEFE, lol.

  7. I cant wait to try this foundation. Im not going to buy it until I finish at least one foundation that I have. It sounds prefect though


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